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Magfellow offers great link building services in Italy. We have lots of Italian bloggers in our network, so we can get good links for your website on .it domains. We can either write guest posts or put links in existing articles. We’re experts at this.

Italian Link Building Services

Why choose us

Your link building assistants
in Italy

With us, you’re in charge. We listen to you and make the plan fit what you want. From start to finish, we’ll do our best to make everything work.

Our Italy link building experts will help your website stand out in Italy using top and medium Italian blogs. We’ll make sure to add links the right way to make your brand shine.


You pick website(s) where we publish and check the content before it's online.​


We provide genuine, niche-relevant in-content links, made just for what you need.

Payment flexibility​​

We offer various payment methods and terms to fit your financial situation.

No PBN, No Spam!

We use real websites visited by real people, not just for SEO or fake sites!

Wide range of industries served in Italy​

Every month, we place many links in various areas like SaaS, gaming, fintech, health, marketing, home design, crypto, online shopping, business, and tech.

Link building choices in Italy​

There are several types of links we offer, that you can obtain from Italian (.it tld) websites, depending on your link-building strategies.

Blogger outreach

We'll find Italian blogs that match your audience just right. This way, you connect with the ideal blogger without overspending. We handle the search, communication, and placement of your content.

Guest posting

We can also put your website's link on Italian websites through guest posts. Our team can create articles for popular Italian blogs, or you can provide one. Each article will link back to your site.

Link Insertion (Niche edits)

If creating fresh content is hard, try our "niche edits" service. We'll add your link to existing articles on Italian websites. It's a genuine-looking approach and simpler than crafting new content.​

Let’s get the backlinks on Italian websites!

Affordable & transparent

We believe in offering our location-specific link building services at highly competitive prices. Our services are tailored to suit your budget and link building requirements.

No contracts, no subscriptions, and no set pricing!

How it works?

Define your preferences – acceptable niches, SEO metrics, language, location, and budget. We then share blogs from our connections that match your criteria. You can select blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences.

Alternatively, we can initiate a dedicated link building campaign according to your tailored requirements at no extra cost.

(.it) domain links

Build a custom package to fit your needs
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • Option to provide your own content
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • High niche relevancy
  • Flexible payment options
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs

Why Invest in backlinks?

Backlinks are super important for SEO. They are like recommendations from other sites to yours. Search engines see these and think your website is good and can be trusted.

Getting backlinks from Italy is great if you want Italian people to notice you. Here’s why getting Italian links is a good idea:

SEO rankings

Having Italian backlinks is good for businesses aiming for better visibility in Italy. Search engines prefer links from local sites. This means links from Italian websites can help your site be seen more by Italians when they search.​

Enhanced reputation

Links from well-known Italian sites make your site look good to Italian people. When they see trusted Italian sites linking to you, they'll think your site is trustworthy too and will want to check it out.

Targeted traffic

Italian links can bring more Italian visitors to your site. This can help you sell more and get more people interested in what you offer.

Quality link building guaranteed

At MagFellow, we value quality more than quantity. This sets us apart when others might fall short. With our SEO team having 7-12 years of know-how, we place links that truly benefit your business.

We’re picky about where your links go. We check the site’s audience, keywords, their topics, domain age and the quality of their content. Everything has to be just right for you. We aim for the best and only partner with the best blogs to give you excellent service.

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