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Link building services for iGaming businesses

Link building is essential for iGaming brands in the competitive market of online gaming. Our team of experts uses innovative techniques to craft unique link-building strategies that will help your site stand out from the crowd. We collaborate with bloggers to deliver custom backlinks that will ensure optimal visibility for your brand.

Trust us to get the links you need to boost your traffic and increase your visibility.

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The importance of backlinks for iGaming websites

When it comes to driving traffic and improving search engine rankings, quality link building is essential, especially for iGaming websites. The iGaming industry is extremely competitive, so it is important to have high-quality backlinks pointing to your website in order to stand out from the crowd and rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google also tends to be less inclined towards most of the iGaming websites, so it is important to go the extra mile to build trust for your website. One way to do this is to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. These backlinks will signal to Google that your website is credible and trustworthy, which will help you to improve your ranking.

If you’re going the organic route, make sure your backlinks are high quality and relevant. Otherwise, they could do more harm than good.

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Why choose us

Your trusted assistants for
iGaming link building

You’re in charge with us. We listen to you and make a plan that fits your needs. From start to finish, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Our iGaming link building experts will help your business stand out from the competition with high-quality, relevant blogs. We’ll make sure to add links in the right way to make your brand shine.

Approval first

We always get your approval for sites and content before publishing, so you can be sure your brand is only linked with reputable sources.


Our global network of partners allows us to build links for you in any country, so you can connect with customers all over the world.

Payment flexibility​

Various payment methods and terms are available to fit your financial situation. You only pay for the links we built.​

No duplicate links​

You do not need to worry about duplicating the backlinks that have already been built by another company.

No PBN, no spam

Quality is the route to a successful marketing campaign: no blog networks, link wheels, or other spam schemes.

Assortment of packages

We offer a customized approach to link building to meet your specific needs and budget. Talk to us.

Dedicated support

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact for the duration of your project.

Money-back guarantee

unhappy with our service or have a delivery issue? We'll be happy to discuss your concerns and issue a full refund.


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iGaming link building solutions

There are several types of links that we can help you obtain for your iGaming website, depending on your link building strategies.

Blogger outreach

We'll find blogs that are a perfect match for your niche, audience, demographics, and geography. This way, you can connect with the ideal blogger without overspending. We handle the search, communication, and placement of your content/link.

Guest posting

We will get backlinks for your website on relevant blogs through guest posts. Our team of experts will create high-quality articles for quality blogs matching your industry, or you can provide one for publishing. Each article will include a do-follow link back to your site.

Link Insertion (Niche edits)

Want to improve your search engine ranking without having to write new content? Our niche edits service can help. We'll find relevant articles in your niche and target locations to add your link to them.

Let’s partner up to get backlinks for your iGaming website!

Get exactly what you need!

Define your preferences – acceptable niches, SEO metrics, language, location, and budget. We then share blogs from our connections that match your criteria. You can select blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences.

Alternatively, we can initiate a dedicated link building campaign according to your tailored requirements at no extra cost.

Let’s talk
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • Location specific outreach
  • High niche relevancy
  • Flexible payment options
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs

Our process for iGaming link building

With a history of impressing global leaders, our work has been recognized by SEO specialists and marketing directors for quick results, excellent links, and open dialogue. We’re ready to deliver the same quality of service for you.

Input information

The first step is to understand your needs and what would be a good fit for your business. This involves defining your link metrics, such as organic traffic, domain authority, domain rating, trust & citation flow, target locations, the type of links you need, and the number of links you want each month. If you need help with anchor text selection, your personal account manager is available to assist you.

Websites approval

After you share your desired metrics and anchor preferences, we share a list of sites for your approval from our well-established database of publishers that align with your link requirements and goals. Fortunately, we’ve already developed strong relationships with thousands of quality blogs, meaning that finding the right link opportunity for any business is never a problem.

If we can find the relevant blogs in our existing database, we then embark on reaching out to the blogger to propose a relationship for your link placement.

Content creation and review

Choose who will write the content for your post.

- You can either choose to have the selected blog admin to write it.
- Our team of expert writers can write it for you.
- Or you can provide your own content for publishing.

In either case, you will have the final say on the content before it is published.

Publishing and reporting

Once you have approved the links and content, our team will start working on getting them live. We have strong relationships with webmasters, bloggers, and journalists in the industry, and we will use these relationships to land your links. This part of the process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, as we work on a monthly basis. You will be able to see which links have gone live using the Google Sheet tracker.

Perfect for white labeling if desired.

Let’s get your iGaming website linked on niche relevant HQ blogs!

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Location specific link building

We deliver hundreds of high-quality, relevant backlinks each month to iGaming businesses in all the major countries around the world. Our team of experts has a proven track record of success in helping iGaming websites improve their search engine rankings and drive traffic to their websites.

What categories to get iGaming backlinks from?

There are actually a lot of different niches you can build links from, as long as they have some natural connection back to your site. When scanning through the backlink profiles of major iGaming businesses, you’ll see that links are coming from the following categories:


card games

From video games, e-sports, board games, card games, and physical games blogs, are most suitable for iGaming links.


Baseball, American football, Basketball, Rugby Sports that are traditionally more tied to betting e.g. snooker, billiards etc.

lifestyle leisure
Lifestyle & Leisure

In lifestyle and leisure's category, you could try entertainment, culture, travel, hobbies, movies, and celebrity for backlinks.

business news finance casino betting gambling
Business, News & Finance

Want to be in the News? Then you should go with crypto, stocks & finance, careers, business, and bitcoin categories.

technology casino betting gambling link building

Last but not least, try these tech niches app blogs, computer technology (anything that links to the software & systems), general technology, virtual reality etc.

Quality checklist for iGaming backlinks!

How can you determine if a link from a website will benefit your iGaming site? It’s essential not to purchase links from overcrowded sites that exhibit suspicious link footprints.

Below is the quality checklist for evaluating websites from which to obtain backlinks:

Let’s partner up to get backlinks for your iGaming website!


FAQs about iGaming link building

See our FAQs for basic info on iGaming link building services. Chat with us if you have other questions.

Yes, the controversy associated with iGaming often makes site owners more selective about their link choices. The extended effort to locate robust websites accepting iGaming-centric links and ensuring the content aligns with their guidelines naturally raises the cost for these services.

Yes, indeed. Our standard approval procedure is applied to all our link-building services, regardless of the niche.

We use the same process for building links for iGaming websites as we do for other websites. We first identify high-quality websites that are relevant to your industry. Then, we create high-quality relevant content, that will appeal to the audience of the website we are linking to. Finally, we reach out to the website owner and ask them to publish our content.

Not at all!

Our partnership with publishers is based on the agreement that the content won’t be marked as sponsored.

Certainly! We make a point to only establish do follow links.

Your dedicated Account Manager will share a Google sheet with you, updating it with active links and statuses on a daily basis. Upon completion of the order, an Excel file will be forwarded to you for verification.

We can also adapt to other reporting systems if you have specific requirements.

The best way to improve your iGaming site’s ranking is to have an active link building campaign. This involves building links from high-quality, relevant websites on a regular basis. If you do this, you will see a significant improvement in your website’s ranking in search engines.

It would not be a good idea to wait for links to naturally happen. This is because it is very unlikely that your website will get enough links to rank well in search engines without an active link building campaign. In fact, if you don’t build links, your website will likely lose ground to your competitors.