Guest posting service

Secure high-quality backlinks from reputable blogs through guest posts. We tap into our lasting relationships with top bloggers to ensure placements that elevate search rankings and drive traffic.

Premium Outreach

Guest posting service
packs some unmatched features​

When you choose to work with us for guest posting, you gain complete visibility into every aspect of the process. Our team is focused on thorough execution to deliver results that exceed your expectations and ensure your satisfaction.

No secrets

Choose websites before ordering and review all content before placement

Verified Sites

Sites with verified organic traffic, indexing, and a consistent track record

Placement Guarantee

365 days placement guaranteed or 100% moneyback

Fast turn-around time

Turnaround time of 15 days for a single placement


Niche relevant
guest posting​ service

Regardless of your industry, our guest posting service can amplify your online visibility and drive valuable traffic to your website. While acquiring high-quality, industry-specific guest post backlinks is crucial for SEO success, it can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Our team of experts can handle this task for you, crafting engaging content and securing guest post placements on reputable websites. We have a proven track record of success across a wide range of industries.

Casino & Gambling
CBD Marijuana
Lifestyle & Leisure
Business & Finance
Real Estate
Health & Fitness
Fashion & Beauty
Home Décor
Crypto & Blockchain
Personal Finance
Luxury & Premium
ECO Friendly
Animal & Pets
Food & Beverage

Let’s get your guest posts published on niche relevant blogs!


Guest post packages

Unlock the potential of your brand with our fully managed guest post link building pricing. Let our team of experts handle every aspect of your campaign for maximum impact.

5 Links

Best for startups
$ 999 Campaign
  • Average DR 20-50
  • Organic Traffic 500 - 10,000
  • 650+ words content
  • Pre-approvals
  • Manual Outreach​
  • Niche Relevancy​
  • 2-3 Weeks Turnaround Time

10 Links

Best for small businesses
$ 1,799 Campaign
  • Average DR 30-50​​
  • Organic Traffic 1,000 - 10,000​​
  • 650+ words content
  • Pre-approvals
  • Manual Outreach
  • Niche Relevancy
  • 2-3 Weeks Turnaround Time

15 Links

Best for large businesses
$ 2,699 Campaign
  • Average DR 30-50​​
  • Organic Traffic 1,000 - 10,000​​​
  • 650+ words content
  • Pre-approvals
  • Manual Outreach
  • Niche Relevancy
  • 2-3 Weeks Turnaround Time

*Pricing applies exclusively to English-language websites. For geographically targeted campaigns, kindly select the custom option or reach out to us.

More of a "D.I.Y" type?​​

Define your preferences such as acceptable Niche(s), and required SEO i.e. DA, DR, Organic Traffic, Language, Location, and Budget.

We then proceed to share the available blogs from our existing connections that match those descriptions. So you may cherry-pick the blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences. OR we initiate the dedicated outreach campaign according to your tailored requirement with no extra cost.

Let's talk

Build a custom package to fit your needs
Custom Outreach
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • Location specific outreach
  • High niche relevancy
  • Pre-approvals (websites & content)
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs
Quality guest posts guaranteed​​

Quality checklist for guest posting!

How do you know if a link from a website will be helpful for your website? Here is the quality checklist to use for evaluating websites to get backlinks.

Domain evaluation

Our first line of defense against potentially harmful sites involves a thorough examination of key elements such as:

  • DNS and A records
  • SSL / https usage
  • Hosting location
  • No excessive hyphens in the domain name
  • TLD & language compatibility
  • Exclusion of grey niche-oriented sites
SEO metrics

Domains must satisfy the following fundamental metrics (among others):

  • Indexed pages: Minimum of 20
  • Organic Traffic: At least 500 per month (ahrefs)
  • Referring Domains: 50 or more (ahrefs)
  • Average Domain Rating (DR): 30+
  • Average Domain Authority (DA): 30+
  • Citation Flow/Trust Flow (CF/TF): 10 or higher
  • Traffic origin: Over 50% from the country of origin
Historical data analysis

To filter out manipulated metrics, false authority, and covert spam, we also consider historical factors such as:

  • No penalizations or expirations
  • Stable traffic and link patterns
  • Traffic and referring domain trends
  • Referring domain anchors analysis
  • Quality and authenticity of referring domain types
Content review

Manual Content Inspection Lastly, our team conducts a manual review of 5 – 10 recent posts to ensure quality, with a keen eye for:

  • Updates within the last 30 days
  • No anchor text misuse
  • No links to grey niche content
  • Less than 50% of sponsored posts
  • No private blog network (PBN)
  • Readability and relevance of content
  • Author information (country, verifiability)

We believe that our quality control process is the best in the industry. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, safe, and reliable domains.

What's the difference between guest posting and blogger outreach?

The main difference between guest posting and blogger outreach is that guest posting involves writing and publishing a blog post on another website, while blogger outreach involves reaching out to bloggers and influencers and asking them to write about you or your business.

Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks to your website, which can help to improve your search engine ranking. It can also help you to reach a new audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Blogger outreach is a more targeted approach, as you are specifically reaching out to bloggers who have an audience that is relevant to your business. This can be a great way to generate leads and sales.

Let’s get you guest posts published on web’s most epic blogs!


FAQs about guest posting service

See our FAQs for basic info on guest posting service. Chat with us if you have other questions.

Absolutely! At the beginning of the process, you will be shown samples of the blogs we work with. It’s from there that we proceed to select the blogs that best match your campaign. Then, you’ll also be shown the cost of having a link on each site. Only after you approve both the sites and pricing can we move forward with the process.

The reason we only show clients a sample of sites and not the entire inventory is because we also have to protect our business and past customers. That said, rest assured of an open, fully transparent process.

Sure, why not. We use these metrics (and many more) to run our campaigns. We exclusively stick to your specific requirements when preparing site templates to make sure the end result is exactly what you have in mind. We’ve had many clients who provide individual quality metrics for us to follow.

The goal of MagFellow is to help you position yourself as a leader in your industry. Since you know the industry better than us and, more importantly, better understand what’s good for your business, your input is highly valued. So, yes, you have the final say on blog topics and a lot more.

Typically, you will choose the preferred blogger, or approve one of ours. This allows for a singular and trusted voice. If you do not have an approved blogger or someone whom you prefer, one can be provided from our roster of talented, educated native content writers. Our staff prides themselves on being able to naturally, organically integrate links and/or mentions of your product inside the blog updates.

Yes, we provide full transparency to our clients so when we take your order we will show you the websites along with the details for approval by you and once we have final approval from you, we move forward with campaign. You can pre-approve and manage or request required changes to anything.

The content will be unobtrusive and non-promotional. Your link will be incorporated as an organic mention. Be sure to take a look at our examples, or select a small trial run first, to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We work diligently to ensure that the balance of time, effort, and results are the most advantageous to our clients.

Yes, you can provide your own piece of content for publishing for subtracted amount of $30 on each post (You will find that option in order form).

However, writing your own content can be time-consuming and risky. If the level of quality does not match what we require for publication, your time will have been wasted, and you will still need to find someone to rewrite the content. If you’re competent and wish to write your own content, be sure to give yourself enough time for it to be reviewed and approved in order to avoid any delays in publishing.

Absolutely not. These are trustworthy sites with genuine audiences, owned and run by real webmasters. We never endorse private blog networks, neither do we engage with them. Involvement with PBNs is a bad practice that can flag your site leading to penalties by Google.

If for any reason there’s some kind of problem with your order, you can expect to be informed of our difficulties, and receive a full refund. We haven’t yet been unable to fulfil an order and this will only be the case in incredibly small niche communities.

We typically cover all major verticals, but our core strengths largely lie in technology, business, finance, travel, mommy blogs, home improvement, real estate, health, fashion, sports, and gaming.

Yes, in fact a large proportion of our clients are from the US, Australia and in fact all over the World. Most placements we secure are on UK, US and Worldwide TLD’s such as .com,, .net, .org, .no, .se. you might have to be flexible on price when looking for links on locations based TLDs, languages, we can always work something out. So, feel free to give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help.

Capacity is never an issue here. We are able to produce, deliver and place thousands of content pieces on high-quality blogs per month. Rest assured we’ll meet your expectations.

We take pride in over 17,000 premium and mid-range webmaster relationships throughout all key verticals including technology, finance, business, sports, leisure, retail/shopping, travel, etc.

Our core markets are English speaking countries, but we also conduct a successful operation in other markets speaking French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Scandinavian languages. In fact, we’ve achieved results, albeit to a lesser extent, in the Russian market.

It’s important for a client to be flexible on cost for bespoke outreach when seeking out links on other demographics and languages. Talk to us anytime concerning your unique needs, and we’re sure to work something out.

Unlike other guest posts, the mentions will be unobtrusive and organically placed within the body of the post. These are links that come up naturally within the flow of the article along with a couple of other useful non competing links to further solidify the natural aspect of the content. We do not use Author Boxes or Affiliate Links hidden out of sight and forgotten by viewers.

Typically, the placements are there for good. There is a guarantee of placement for at least 365 days, but the reality is that most placings are left intact for the lifetime of the blog, most of the time indefinitely. As long as the blog is running, your article and its included links will remain in one piece. If for any reason your post or link gets removed, we will follow up to try and re-secure placement, which is achievable 90% of the time. Otherwise we offer replacement opportunity or full refund.

For a newish website with few or no external links, 3-5 quality links every month should establish you as an authority in your industry within a few months. For sites older than 6 months and with multiple links out there already, it takes 7-15 quality links every month to see ranking improvements.

No need to worry. Owing to our commitment to the success of our customers, we will always go out of our way to ensure that your campaign is doing well. It’s partly why each client is assigned a special manager to help them keep track of their campaigns. If you have any questions, just call to speak to your dedicated campaign manager from MagFellow.