Link Building & Blogger Outreach Services Canada

Magfellow is offering the best quality link building and blogger outreach services in Canada. We have a vast number of blogs in French and English to help your website get quality backlinks in Canada. Whether it is French or English we have the right skills to fulfill your quality backlink needs. We will help you to connect with native bloggers in Canada to help you improve your website's visibility and ranking on search engines.

Expand Your Reach with Link Building in Canada

Owing to our vast experience serving numerous clients from across the globe, here at MagFellow, we can assist you in linking with French and English Canada-based bloggers and influencers within your niche.

At Magfellow, our Canada Link Building specialists are always there to help your website gain the authority it needs through premium and mid-tier blogs under our wing, we'll build in-content links manually to boost your brand the white hat way to get high rankings on search engines. With our multilingual content writers, we can help you to get higher search engine rankings in Canada.

Why Choose Us

Rather than work all the way up on your own, our hands-free blogger outreach and guest posting services cut the journey short by leveraging popular Canada-based influencers and bloggers to gain exposure and higher rankings on search engines.

No Spam, No PBNs!
Real websites boasting actual search engine rankings and traffic, established by genuine individuals instead of PBNs, and links farmers!
Genuine natural niche pertinent in content links; customized to meet all unique client needs effectively.
You choose the publishers and also get to review and approve the content before it goes live.
100 % Money Back
This is to assure you that you can delight in our superb Blogger services risk-free!

Leveraged, Targeted Action

Working with the MagFellow team, you'll be able to position content that elevates your brand in the right places. This allows you to build a natural audience among American blogs. MagFellow gives you direct access to the top bloggers in Canada 🍁, providing your brand with:

  1. Excellent exposure and appropriate mentions
  2. Naturally elevated SEO and quality backlinks from relevant blogs
  3. No hassle link building from authority sites
  4. Location-specific outreach services

This ensures your brand reaches the right audience on budget, every time through a combination of sponsored and guest post placements, along with curated links.


Why MagFellow

Blogger Outreach
Define your preferences and get exactly what you need. We'll find the right blogs to help you meet your goals and get your links and content in front of the right audience. orange-arrow-icon Blogger Outreach Services
Guest Posting
Get high-quality editorial links through guest post placements on authority blogs to boost your rankings! Choose the blogs from our blogger's inventory that suits you the best. orange-arrow-icon Guest Posting Service
Curated Links (Niche Edits)
Get your website's links placed in existing, aged blog posts. Simply find a high performing relevant blog post and have your link placed in it to benefit from the traffic and authority. orange-arrow-icon Niche Edit Curated Links

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