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Magfellow offers top-quality link-building services in Canada. We boast a vast collection of .ca tld blogs in both French and English, ensuring your website obtains quality backlinks within the country. Whether you require French or English backlinks, we possess the expertise to meet your needs. 

Let us connect you with native Canadian bloggers to enhance your website’s visibility and search engine ranking.

Link Building Services Canada

Why choose us

Your link building partner
in Canada

MagFellow can help you link with Canada-based bloggers and influencers in your niche. We have extensive experience serving clients from all over the world.

Our Canada link building specialists will help your website gain the authority it needs through premium and mid-tier blogs. We will build in-content links manually to boost your brand in a white hat way, so you can get high rankings on search engines.


You choose the publishers and also get to review and approve the content before it goes live.


We provide genuine, niche-relevant in-content links, customized effectively to meet all unique client needs.

Post payments

We invoice you only AFTER work completion, guaranteeing satisfaction. You pay exclusively for the links we've built.

No PBN, No Spam!

Real websites with real traffic and search engine rankings, built by real people, not SEO's, not PBNs!

Wide range of industries served in Canada​

We deliver hundreds of placements each month across a wide range of industries, including SaaS, gaming, fintech, health, marketing, décor, crypto, eCommerce, business, and technology.

Canadian link building options

There are several types of links we offer, that you can obtain from Canadian (.ca tld) websites, depending on your link-building strategies.

Blogger outreach

We will find the blogs that match your target audience in Canada precisely so you can get the right blogger in your industry at an affordable cost. From identifying target blogs to outreach and placements, we have you covered.

Guest posting

Our team will create engaging, high-quality content to be posted on popular Canadian blogs and websites as a guest post, or you can provide your own. Each guest post will include a link back to your website, providing a direct route for readers to discover your brand, while also boosting your SEO.

Link Insertion (Curated links)

If creating new content is not always feasible, we offer link insertion service. This involves adding your link to existing, relevant articles on Canadian websites. This can provide a natural-looking backlink profile and is less resource-intensive than producing new content.

Let’s get your link on Canadian .ca websites!

Affordable & transparent

We believe in offering our location-specific link building services at highly competitive prices. Our services are tailored to suit your budget and link building requirements.

No contracts, no subscriptions, and no set pricing!

How it works?

Define your preferences – acceptable niches, SEO metrics, language, location, and budget. We then share blogs from our connections that match your criteria. You can select blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences.

Alternatively, we can initiate a dedicated link building campaign according to your tailored requirements at no extra cost.

(.ca) domain links

Build a custom package to fit your needs
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • Option to provide your own content
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • High niche relevancy
  • Payment after publishing
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs

Why Canadian backlinks are important?

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO. They are links from other websites to your website. These links tell search engines that your website is valuable and trustworthy. Building backlinks in Canada 🍁 can be especially beneficial if you are targeting Canadian audiences. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Canadian link building:

SEO rankings

Canadian backlinks are a valuable asset for any business that wants to improve its SEO in Canada. Search engines consider the geographical relevance of backlinks when ranking websites, so backlinks from websites in Canada can help your site rank higher in Canadian search results.

Enhanced reputation

Backlinks from authoritative Canadian websites can also help to increase the credibility and trust of your site among Canadian users. When people see that your site is linked to by other reputable Canadian websites, they are more likely to trust your site and visit it.

Targeted traffic

Canadian backlinks can effectively direct specific, targeted traffic from Canada to your website, which may significantly boost your chances of increased sales and conversions.

Quality link building guaranteed

At MagFellow, we prioritize quality over quantity, a strategy that keeps us ahead in the game where many businesses falter. Managed by SEO professionals each with 7-12 years of experience, we assure quality link placements leading to impressive results for your business.

We follow a thorough selection process that involves checking for organic traffic from targeted locations, keywords, content value, topic suitability, and page indexing. This process is designed to ensure you reap maximum benefits. We emphasize quality, partnering solely with highly relevant blogs to deliver unmatched excellence.