Curated Links (Niche Edits)

Niche Edits AKA Curated Links, The most powerful and natural in content links from aged posts, tailored to meet your needs and budget.

What exactly are Curated Links (Niche Edits)?

Curated Links, also known as Niche Edits, involve inserting new links into existing, already published blog posts or web pages rather than publishing a new blog post. What happens is that we find high-performing relevant content that's already on the web and naturally place your links within it.

Curated Links are different from guest post links and offer much better link juice - because, with a guest post, you get a link from a new post or page that hasn't built any authority or strength internally. Niche Edits give you the chance to tap into an established market. There's no guesswork.

Additionally, Google loves old, high-performing content. This means unless someone is searching for current news, Google will often show them existing, authoritative content first. Therefore, getting your links placed in such content significantly boosts the visibility of the links and your potential for traffic.

Having your links added to existing published posts is an excellent way to score high-quality links at a fraction of regular blogger outreach and guest post placement prices.

Benefits of Choosing MagFellow For Curated Link Building?

Over the years, we've developed relationships with thousands of real, authority blogs with various niches and quality metrics, where we can place your backlinks in existing aged content. Upon registering for the Curated Link / Niche Edit service, we'll provide you with dozens of carefully picked blogs to choose from. After you've made a pick, one of our outreach managers then works with the webmaster to get your website's links placed in existing, exiting aged content.

No PBN, No Spam!
Real websites with real traffic and search engine rankings, built by real people, not SEO's, not PBNs!
100% natural niche relevant in-content links, tailored to meet every client's needs.
You approve publishers, and you choose the content to get your link website’s placed.
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100% money-back guarantee means that you get to enjoy all our quality services completely risk-free!

Top-performing Aged Posts

One key challenge with guest posting is that you're unsure how long the post will take to build authority. It's entirely plausible for the posted blog to take months to deliver the desired results. Niche Edits (Curated Links) eliminate any doubts by placing your links within content that's already on Google and performing exceptionally. The even better news is that we have, over the years, built strong relationships with the owners of thousands of such blogs. So, it's not like we'll be fumbling around.

Aged Posts

No Shady Tactics

The link building industry is notorious for fraudsters masquerading as reliable, trustworthy firms out to help businesses realize their goals. People have even built attractive websites and purchased dozens of positive reviews to appear legitimate. Only after you fail to get any meaningful results from the links do you realize that you’ve been scammed!

Our Niche Edits / Curated Links service is the perfect alternative in the face of such adversity. Besides providing clients with metrics of the proposed blogs, you also get the opportunity to visit and review the sites before link insertion starts. So there is no risk whatsoever.

Shady Tactics

Higher ROI

Since there's no guesswork, you can rest assured that the campaign will deliver a return on your investment (ROI). It gets better; since the content in question already exists, link placement cost dramatically drops. So, in the end, you could be paying less than half of what a guest posting or outreach campaign would cost, with the guarantee of a higher ROI!

Higher Roi

How does It work?

Niche Editing is accomplished in three simple steps, with the client involved at every stage of the process.

Input Information

In this step, the client provides our team with the link (URL) and anchor text they need to be placed online. Depending on your budget and marketing needs, you can provide more than one URL with corresponding anchor texts.

Review and Selection

Here, our team carefully looks at your goals and aims to find perfectly matching blogs. The client then gets to review the discovered blog(s), focusing on key performance metrics and the blogger's reputation.

Publishing and Reporting

Once you’ve chosen a blog or blogs that fit your needs, our team will get your links placed on your selected content and will provide a detailed report showing posts containing links to your website on top blogs in your industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of anchor text can I use?

Any anchor texts you choose are allowed. If it’s determined that your text might not fit into the content naturally, our outreach team is always on standby to work with webmaster(s) and make adjustments to the existing content so everything fits in smoothly. We also offer advice on anchor text. If you’re struggling to find the right text, just let us know.

After you’ve pre-approved a blog, you also get to go through and pre-approve the exact blog post where you want your curated link(s) to be placed. Only if you instruct us to handle this part on your behalf will our team take over approval activities.

It depends on webmaster. While the majority of links stay on their newfound homes indefinitely, others may be removed after some time. However, there is a guarantee of all links remain in place for at least one year (365 days). If for any reason your link gets removed, we will follow up to try and immediately, which is achievable 99% of the time. Otherwise we offer replacement opportunity or full refund.