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Multilingual link building

Reach a wider audience in multiple countries with our country specific multilingual link building services. Partner with the best sites across all seven continents to achieve off-site international SEO visibility.

International vs. Multilingual link building

International link building and multilingual link building are two closely related link-building strategies. However, there are some key differences between the two.

International link building

International link building is the process of building backlinks from websites in other countries. This can be done by reaching out to website owners in target countries and requesting guest posts or link placements on their websites.

Multilingual link building​

Multilingual link building is the process of building backlinks from websites in different languages. This can be done by creating translated versions of your content/website and getting backlinks on foreign-language websites through bloggers and influencers.

These backlinks, also known as foreign backlinks or location-specific links, can be very effective for businesses that want to expand their international reach. This type of link building can help you target relevant audiences in different countries, build relationships with local influencers, and improve your website’s global visibility in search engines.

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International Multilingual backlinks

Countries we work with

Helping businesses in 42+ countries & languages by taking control of their regional blogger outreach and link building to boost their local rankings and brand exposure.

.fr French link building

.de German link building

.se Svenska Swedish backlinks

.br Portuguese links

.ie Irish backlink outreach link building

Link Building USA


.com, .org, .us, .net links Australian backlinks

.ca, English & French links

.dk Danish link building

Link Building Austria


.at Austrian German links

.ro Romanian backlinks

.pl Polish, Polski backlinks

.no Norwegian backlinks

.nl Dutch link building

Link Building Belgium


.be Dutch, French & Germán

Link Building Switzerland


.ch Swiss, backlinks

Link Building South Africa

South Africa

.za South African links

.bg Bulgarian backlinks

.cl Spanish, English links

.fi Finnish link building

.es Spanish links

.it Italian backlinks

Link Building India


.in Hindi, English links

Link Building Portugal


.pt Portuguese links

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Link building services we offer

We’ll acquire editorial in-content links and mentions on the web’s most epic blogs while you sit back and watch your numbers soar. Whether you’re an SEO agency or corporate brand, we have you covered.

We offer several link building options with exclusive benefits and rates – high quality, low price, and zero contract.

Multilingual Blogger outreach

We help you find the right influencer blogger for your industry at an affordable cost. We identify target blogs, reach out to them, and place your content.

Multilingual Guest posting

Get editorial links and mentions on high quality blogs with our guest posting service. We will write high-quality content, and get your content published.

Multilingual Niche edits

Niche Edits AKA Curated Links, The most powerful and natural in content links from aged posts, tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Competitive pricing

We strive to deliver our international link building services at prices that bring value. Our range of options is designed to cater to your budget and multilingual link building needs.

No contracts, no subscriptions, and no set pricing!

Getting started

Specify your SEO metric preferences, target market(s), and budget. We’ll then present you with a selection of blogs matching your criteria, empowering you to choose according to your preferences. Alternatively, we can kick-start a dedicated, country-specific outreach campaign tailored to your target market at no additional cost.

Geo targeted links

Build a custom package to fit your needs
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • High niche relevancy
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs
  • Flexible payment options
Geo targeting

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Over the years, we’ve established relationships with thousands of authoritative blogs around the globe. With a proven track record, we take the time to understand your business and target audience, and offer a comprehensive service that takes care of everything for you.


100% natural niche relevant in-content links, tailored to meet every your needs.


You approve publishers, and you review the content to get your link website’s placed.

Money back

100% money-back guarantee means that you get to enjoy all our quality services completely risk-free!

Dedicated support​

Rapid response time, outstanding support, and a dedicated campaign manager ready to address your needs


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Importance of geo targeted
backlinks in country-specific SEO

Globalization has led to an increasing number of international customers who speak different languages. To connect with them, you need to target them in their language. This can be done by partnering with native bloggers who can write about your brand or service for their audience. This will increase your website ranking in targeted countries, which means more customers will find you.

Boost rankings

One of the most effective ways to improve your website's global ranking on search engines is through international link building. By building multilingual links with websites and blogs in different locations, you can reach a wider international audience and increase the chances of being found in search results.

Global presence

Multilingual link building offers significant benefits for companies targeting multiple markets or specific locations. By collaborating with high-quality, relevant domains, brands can enhance their website reach to international audiences. With the increasing popularity of cross-border selling, multilingual link building has become more popular than ever before.

Enhanced reputation

If you're looking to build better relationships with your target audience, consider investing in link building outreach in their native language. This is because they will see that you've made an effort to speak their language, which will make them more likely to trust and respect you. It could make a clear difference in your success.

How does It work?

Multilingual link building is accomplished in four simple steps, with the client involved at every stage of the process.

Input information

Provide us with your target market/location, SEO metric preferences, and specific link types you want us to create. Also, indicate the quantity of links needed and the pages to be targeted.

Review and selection

Our team will carefully curate a list of blogs that meet your requirements and our quality criteria. We will also reach out to new blogs that are not currently in our outreach network.

Content creation and review

In this step, our outreach team works with our skilled native writers to create original, engaging content in the target language. This content, featuring links back to your site, is intended for placement on selected sites. After the content is written, we share it for your review. Upon receiving your approval, we coordinate with the publisher to make the post live.

Publishing and reporting

One the link are live. We manually ensure your target URL naturally fits within the content. Finally, we send you a white-label report featuring the links placed on your selected site

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Frequently asked questions

See our FAQs for basic info on multilingual link building service. Chat with us if you have other questions.

Yes, you can. We strive to make the outreach program as transparent as possible. So, we take each client through the URLs and websites to which your site will link. Indeed, we only move to the next step once we get your approval. You can also request changes as you wish. However, we can guarantee that we only deal with authentic blogs and legitimate links. We only link in an organic, unobtrusive, and non-promotional manner.

Indeed, you’re more than welcome to contribute your own articles. However, please ensure that they adhere to the quality standards and are written in a style and voice that aligns with the selected blog.

We write fresh content for all of our multilingual link building campaigns. We believe that translating content from one language to another can have a negative impact on SEO performance. For example, an English blog may perform well in the UK, but it may not perform as well when translated to French.

It depends on webmaster. While the majority of links stay on their newfound homes indefinitely, others may be removed after some time. However, there is a guarantee of all links remain in place for at least one year (365 days). If for any reason your link gets removed, we will follow up to try and immediately, which is achievable 99% of the time. Otherwise we offer replacement opportunity or full refund.

We support multiple payment methods, including bank transfers, Payoneer, Skrill, and, yes, even PayPal. The choice is yours.

Our multilingual link building services do not endorse sponsored links. This is because sponsored links can be seen as a form of advertising, and they can negatively impact the credibility of your website.

We only use links that are relevant and informative, and that are placed in a natural way. This ensures that your website will be seen as a valuable resource by search engines and by potential customers.

Yes, ensuring the ‘dofollow’ attribute is part of our screening process before we place your links.

The time it takes to get your links placed will vary depending on the specific requirements of your campaign. However, our average turnaround time is 15 to 20 days.