Expand Your Global Reach with Magfellow's Multilingual Link Building Services

Is your business ready to conquer the international market? In today’s interconnected world, establishing a strong online presence in multiple languages is crucial for reaching a global audience and maximizing your growth potential.

That’s where Magfellow’s multilingual link building service comes in. We specialize in crafting tailored link building strategies that connect your brand with relevant sites in different countries, driving international traffic and boosting your multilingual SEO rankings.

International & multilingual link building by MagFellow

Why Magfellow?
Your Trusted Partner for Multilingual Link Building

As a leading white label link building agency, Magfellow understands the unique challenges of international SEO. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in multilingual content marketing and link outreach, leveraging our extensive network of international publishers and bloggers to secure high-quality backlinks for your multilingual website.

We go beyond simply translating content; we adapt it to the cultural nuances and preferences of your target audience in each specific country. Our native language speakers ensure that your content resonates with local audiences, driving organic traffic and building brand awareness on a global scale.

Benefits of Magfellow's Multilingual Link Building Services

Partnering with Magfellow unlocks a world of possibilities for your international SEO strategy:

  • Increase International Website Traffic: Attract a steady stream of qualified visitors from multiple countries through strategically placed multilingual links.
  • Improve Multilingual SEO Rankings: Dominate search engine results pages (SERPs) in multiple languages and regions, ensuring your brand is visible to a wider audience.
  • Expand Reach in Foreign Markets: Tap into untapped markets and reach potential customers in their own language and cultural context.
  • Build Backlinks from Diverse Regions: Diversify your backlink profile with authoritative links from various countries, boosting your website’s credibility and trust.
  • Enhance Brand Visibility Globally: Establish your brand as a global leader and gain a competitive edge in the international marketplace.

Let’s introduce your brand to international audience together!

International Multilingual backlinks

Countries we work with

Helping businesses in 42+ countries & languages by taking control of their regional blogger outreach and link building to boost their local rankings and brand exposure.

.fr French link building

.de German link building

.se Svenska Swedish backlinks

.br Portuguese links

.ie Irish backlink outreach

.co.uk link building

Link Building USA by MagFellow


.com, .org, .us, .net links

.com.au Australian backlinks

.ca, English & French links

.dk Danish link building

Link Building Austria by MagFellow


.at Austrian German links

.ro Romanian backlinks

.pl Polish, Polski backlinks

.no Norwegian backlinks

.nl Dutch link building

Link Building Belgium by MagFellow


.be Dutch, French & Germán

Link Building Switzerland by MagFellow


.ch Swiss, backlinks

Link Building South Africa by MagFellow

South Africa

.za South African links

.bg Bulgarian backlinks

.cl Spanish, English links

.fi Finnish link building

.es Spanish links

.it Italian backlinks

Link Building India by MagFellow


.in Hindi, English links

Link Building Portugal by MagFellow


.pt Portuguese links

Let’s build backlinks in your targeted location(s) for YOUR website!

What is Multilingual Link Building and Why Does It Matter?

In the digital age, expanding your business horizons to reach a global audience is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Multilingual link building is the cornerstone of successful international SEO, enabling you to tap into diverse markets and connect with customers in their native language.

At its core, multilingual link building involves acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in various languages and regions. These links act as a vote of confidence for your website, signaling to search engines like Google that your content is relevant and valuable to international audiences.

Why Language Specific Link Building is Key to Global Success

While any backlink can contribute to your overall SEO performance, links from local sources hold significantly more weight in international markets. A language-specific link from a website in France, for instance, will resonate more strongly with French-speaking users and search engines than a generic link from an English-language website.

This is where Magfellow’s expertise shines. We understand the nuances of local SEO and cultural relevance, crafting tailored multilingual link building campaigns that connect you with relevant sites in your target countries. Our native language outreach specialists ensure that your multilingual content is not only accurately translated but also optimized for local search engines, driving organic traffic and improving your multilingual SEO rankings.

Expand Your Reach, Boost Your Rankings, and Grow Your Business

Investing in Magfellow’s multilingual link building services is an investment in your global growth. By expanding your reach into new countries, you’ll unlock new markets, increase brand visibility, and establish a truly international presence.

Let’s get your International SEO Passport the right way!

Magfellow's Expertise in Multilingual Link Building
Your Global SEO Advantage

At Magfellow, we don’t just speak the language of link building – we speak the language of your customers, wherever they are in the world. With years of experience in international SEO, we’ve honed our skills in crafting multilingual link building strategies that deliver tangible results.

Our Dynamic Team of Multilingual SEO Experts

Our team comprises seasoned SEO professionals with a deep understanding of diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes. We specialize in international content outreach and localized content creation, ensuring that your brand message resonates with local audiences in their preferred language. We have established a vast network of international publishers and bloggers across various industries and niches. This allows us to secure high-quality, contextual backlinks from reputable websites in different countries, boosting your global SEO rankings and driving international traffic to your website.

Partner with Magfellow and Unlock Your Global Potential

Don't let language barriers hold you back from achieving international success. Partner with Magfellow and let our multilingual SEO agency take your global link building strategy to the next level.

Proven Process for Multilingual Link Building Success

Our multilingual link building campaign process is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs.

Target Audience Identification

We conduct thorough research to identify your ideal customers in each target market, ensuring our outreach efforts are laser-focused.

Content Adaptation and Translation

Our team of native language speakers and experienced translators ensure that your content is accurately translated and culturally adapted for each region.

Strategic Link Placement

We leverage our extensive network to secure high-quality backlinks on relevant and authoritative websites in each target language.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

We continuously monitor your multilingual link building campaign's performance, providing detailed reports on key metrics like referral traffic, search engine rankings, and overall domain authority.

Partner with Magfellow and Unlock
Your Global Potential

Don’t let language barriers hold you back from achieving international success. Partner with Magfellow and let our multilingual SEO agency take your global link building strategy to the next level.

Our Multilingual Link Building Services
Your Passport to Global SEO Dominance

Magfellow’s multilingual link building services are your gateway to unlocking the vast potential of international markets. We offer a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions designed to enhance your global SEO presence and drive international traffic to your website.

Localized Link Building

Our localized link building service focuses on acquiring high-quality backlinks from websites in specific countries or regions through Guest Posting. By targeting local sites and country-specific domains through blogger outreach, we ensure your website ranks higher in local search results, attracting qualified traffic from your desired audience. We create country-specific content that resonates with the local language and culture, building trust and credibility with your target demographic.

Language-Specific Link Building

We understand that every language has its unique nuances and cultural context. Our language-specific link building service allows you to connect with audiences in their native language, building deeper relationships and driving engagement. Whether you need link building in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, or any other language, our team of expert linguists and SEO professionals will craft a tailored strategy for your brand.

Multilingual Content Marketing

Content is the cornerstone of any successful SEO campaign. Our multilingual content marketing service combines compelling storytelling with strategic link placement to attract backlinks from diverse audiences across the globe. We create high-quality, engaging content in multiple languages, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience in every market you enter.

International SEO Consulting

Navigating the complexities of international SEO can be overwhelming. That's why we offer expert international SEO consulting services to help you develop a winning strategy. Our experienced SEO consultants will guide you through the intricacies of multilingual SEO, helping you optimize your website for global search engines and achieve sustainable growth in the international market.

Let’s open the gateway to the international market to enhance your Global SEO presence.

Unlock Your Global Potential with Magfellow's Multilingual Link Building Services

Are you ready to break language barriers and conquer the international market? Magfellow’s multilingual link building services are your passport to unprecedented growth and global SEO dominance.

Our strategic approach goes beyond mere translation, ensuring your brand resonates with diverse audiences in their native language. We meticulously craft language-specific link building campaigns that target relevant sites in your desired foreign markets.

Partner with Magfellow and Unlock Your Global Growth Potential

Don’t let language barriers hinder your international success. Leverage the power of Magfellow’s expertise in multilingual link building to connect with a global audience and achieve sustainable growth.

Your International SEO Goals, Achieved

By harnessing the power of our multilingual SEO agency, you can expect to see a significant boost in your online presence across borders:

  • Increase International Website Traffic: Our targeted approach drives a surge of high-quality traffic from multiple countries to your website.
  • Improve Multilingual SEO Rankings: We elevate your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) across various languages, capturing the attention of your target demographic in their preferred language.
  • Expand Reach in Foreign Markets: We unlock the vast potential of untapped markets by establishing your brand as a trusted authority in different countries.
  • Build Backlinks from Diverse Regions: Our multilingual link acquisition strategies diversify your backlink profile, enhancing your domain authority and credibility on a global scale.
  • Enhance Brand Visibility Globally: By amplifying your brand’s reach across multiple countries, we establish your business as a global leader in your industry.

Competitive pricing

We strive to deliver our international link building services at prices that bring value. Our range of options is designed to cater to your budget and multilingual link building needs.

No contracts, no subscriptions, and no set pricing!

Getting started

Specify your SEO metric preferences, target market(s), and budget. We’ll then present you with a selection of blogs matching your criteria, empowering you to choose according to your preferences. Alternatively, we can kick-start a dedicated, country-specific outreach campaign tailored to your target market at no additional cost.

Geo targeted links

Build a custom package to fit your needs
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • High niche relevancy
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs
  • Flexible payment options

Don't just
take our word for it


Frequently asked questions

See our FAQs for basic info on multilingual link building service. Chat with us if you have other questions.

Yes, you can. We strive to make the outreach program as transparent as possible. So, we take each client through the URLs and websites to which your site will link. Indeed, we only move to the next step once we get your approval. You can also request changes as you wish. However, we can guarantee that we only deal with authentic blogs and legitimate links. We only link in an organic, unobtrusive, and non-promotional manner.

Indeed, you’re more than welcome to contribute your own articles. However, please ensure that they adhere to the quality standards and are written in a style and voice that aligns with the selected blog.

We write fresh content for all of our multilingual link building campaigns. We believe that translating content from one language to another can have a negative impact on SEO performance. For example, an English blog may perform well in the UK, but it may not perform as well when translated to French.

It depends on webmaster. While the majority of links stay on their newfound homes indefinitely, others may be removed after some time. However, there is a guarantee of all links remain in place for at least one year (365 days). If for any reason your link gets removed, we will follow up to try and immediately, which is achievable 99% of the time. Otherwise we offer replacement opportunity or full refund.

We support multiple payment methods, including bank transfers, Payoneer, Skrill, and, yes, even PayPal. The choice is yours.

Our multilingual link building services do not endorse sponsored links. This is because sponsored links can be seen as a form of advertising, and they can negatively impact the credibility of your website.

We only use links that are relevant and informative, and that are placed in a natural way. This ensures that your website will be seen as a valuable resource by search engines and by potential customers.

Yes, ensuring the ‘dofollow’ attribute is part of our screening process before we place your links.

The time it takes to get your links placed will vary depending on the specific requirements of your campaign. However, our average turnaround time is 15 to 20 days.

Ready to Expand Your Global Reach?
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Don’t let language barriers limit your business potential. Magfellow’s multilingual link building services are designed to propel your brand onto the global stage, connecting you with diverse audiences and unlocking untapped markets.

Our proven multilingual link building strategy combines high-quality content creation, strategic outreach, and a deep understanding of international SEO to deliver exceptional results. Whether you’re a global business seeking to expand your reach or a multilingual brand looking to solidify your presence in specific language markets, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Partner with Magfellow and experience the difference a comprehensive multilingual link building campaign can make. We’ll craft a customized plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your website achieves higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) across multiple languages and regions.

By clicking the button above, you’ll be taken to our contact page where you can schedule a free consultation with one of our multilingual SEO experts. We’ll discuss your international goals, assess your current backlink profile, and create a personalized link building strategy that drives real traffic and boosts your brand awareness on a global scale.