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We’ll find the voice that matches your demographic precisely so you can get the right influencer blogger within your industry at an affordable cost. From identifying target blogs to outreach and securing white-hat, niche relevant, editorial backlinks, we have got you covered.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Bloggers are the key to building a strong online presence. Bloggers can help you promote your content, generate leads, and increase brand awareness. Blogger outreach or outreach is a great way to increase your visibility on the web. It can be used for many purposes such as generating leads and promoting content.

There are many ways to reach out to bloggers for outreach purposes, but the most common way is through email outreach. You can also try using social media or commenting on their blog post or you can hire a blogger outreach agency to reach out to the bloggers and content publishers.

A Trusted Blogger Outreach Agency

Blogger outreach is a complex and time-consuming task but essential to SEO success and Brand Development. Using a professional blogger outreach service, you can get the right influencer within your industry at an affordable cost. Here at MagFellow, our specialized and skilled outreach specialists are dedicated to going up and above your expectation. We help acquire editorial in-content links and mentions on the web’s most epic blogs while you sit back and watch your numbers soar. We develop pitches, identify target blogs, and reach out to them on behalf of your company.

À La Carte
We offer a range of options to fit every client’s needs and budget. You don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. Also, you don’t have to go beyond your budget.
Transparent & Controlled
From content creation to publishing and running the blogger outreach campaign, you have the last word. You get to build the campaign as you deem best.
Money Back Guarantee
In the unfortunate event that you’re not satisfied with our services or if we’re unable to deliver your order as promised, you’ll be promptly briefed about the situation and receive a full refund.

From Identifying Bloggers to Outreach and Placements

Of course, being the hard worker you are, you may want to do it alone. But, think about the challenges involved – identifying target websites, reaching out to editors, pitching article ideas, securing high-profile links, and so forth. It would take up a lot of your time, right? Or maybe you are thinking of hiring an in-house specialist, which is time-consuming and expensive, but it's still difficult to know if they will produce successful results.

Bridging The Gap Between Advertisers & Publishers

Magfellow is a team of highly skilled SEO outreach specialists that can help you find quality blogs aligned with your needs so that you can focus on your business. The world’s most influential bloggers want to support your brand, and we know how to leverage them. With already established relationships with thousands of bloggers across different verticals means we can provide blogs within your industry or can reach out more accordingly.

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Multilingual Blogger Outreach

Helping businesses in 42+ countries and languages by taking control of their regional blogger outreach to boost their local rankings and brand exposure.


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How Do We Strategize and Do the Blogger Outreach

We start with the client’s top five organic search competitors by looking at their backlink profiles, in order to identify potential backlink opportunities. We then secure contact information for each placement that has already linked back to one of its competitors. For each of those placements, we log the type of content they publish, style guidelines, content restrictions, niche relevancy, and the purpose of the publication. This allows us to tailor our outreach efforts to each publication in order to maximize the chances of securing a quality post.

Once collected, we craft pitches and reach out to websites to see if they're interested in writing and publishing a post on their site or open to external content. If they are, we pitch them fully-formed content that is tailored to their audience and style guidelines. If the content is accepted, the link goes live and is posted to the client. If the content is rejected, it is pushed back to the editorial team to be reworked for the next appropriate publication.

Blogger Outreach

Flexible Pricing

We believe in offering our services at highly competitive prices. We have a variety of options to choose from that are tailored to suit your budget and blogger outreach campaign requirements.

No contracts - No subscriptions - No fixed pricing!

How to start?

Define your preferences and get exactly what you need, such as acceptable Niche(s), SEO Metrics, Language, Location, and Budget. We then proceed to share the available blogs from our existing connections that match those descriptions. So you may cherry-pick the blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences. OR we initiate the dedicated outreach campaign according to your tailored requirement with no extra cost.

Custom Outreach
Build a custom package to fit your needs
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No contracts - No subscriptions - No fixed pricing!
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • Multilingual/ Location specific outreach
  • High niche relevancy
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing


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Why Choose Us?

Quality content. Excellent outreach. Reliable communication.

Reliable Outreach
Reliable Outreach

MagFellow’s main aim is to get your content in front of the right audiences and help you build a strong base of loyal readers.

Wider Business Reach
Quality Content

The MagFellow writing team is an in-house, USA-based team with plenty of experience. We never outsource.

Reliable Communication
Reliable Communication

Every client loves to keep up to date with the progress of their campaigns. MagFellow sends out a progress report to each client every week.

Risk Free Guarantee
Risk-free Guarantee

If we can’t deliver on a promise, you get a full refund. No excuses; no questions asked.


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Take Our Word For It

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The 5-Step Outreach Order Process

The MagFellow blogger outreach order processing from prospecting to publishing and reporting.

Input information

The first step is to understand what you need and what would be a good fit for your business. The type of links you need is informed by, among other things, the type of business you run and that specific campaign. Fortunately, we’ve already developed strong relationships with thousands of quality blogs, meaning that finding the right link opportunity for any business is never a problem.


Once we’ve fully understood your needs and identified the right blogs to help you achieve your goals, we then embark on reaching out to the webmasters of those blogs to propose a relationship. Often, marketers wrongly believe that bloggers will just say yes to any link building outreach proposal. That’s not true. Initiating and building relationships with bloggers is a delicate and demanding process that requires patience and skill. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this when using our services.

Review and selection

A shortlist of blogs is created and presented to the client for review. After you select the blogs you like most; our trained negotiators go back to close the deal.

Content creation

  • The blogger will then write the article to include the link and publish it on their blog.
  • Our team of native writers can craft quality content for publishing.
  • You can take advantage of our exclusive option to provide your content for publishing on behalf of bloggers.

You’ll have the final words on article drafts before they go live.


Publishing and reporting

In this final step, the content completed with backlink(s) to your website, is published on your selected blogs. We’ll send you weekly updates on the campaign (including any other requested details).

Types of Custom Blogger Outreach

Depending on the type of business you own, your budget, and several other factors, your blogger outreach needs are likely to be unique. For example, you may want to create a link building outreach campaign focused on search engine rankings or you are maybe more concerned with brand exposure and generating direct/referral traffic.

Editorial Link Placement

This is the simplest and most common practice in blogger outreach. A content-focused link building technique, that secures high-quality backlinks to your website from relevant third-party publishers’ sites (blogs) through editorial placements or to gain links within existing articles. In addition to off-page SEO benefits, it also helps build your expertise and credibility as an online brand.

Give A Product – Get A Review

Another very effective arrangement is, that a brand (or business), gives the blogger a product in exchange for a review. Just remember that reviews are supposed to be 100% honest, but not necessarily 100% positive. The good news is that even where a review isn’t very flattering, an honest assessment of a product always does a great job when it comes to convincing customers.

Compensated Reviews - Sponsored Posts

Instead of giving out a product, you choose to pay the blogger an agreed amount to get your product/brand reviewed. Be sure to keep in mind that factors such as; the blogger’s influence, social media promotion efforts, and SEO performance may affect the cost.

Why Is Blogger Outreach Compulsory for Brands?

Blogs are potent engagers, providing a massive network of influencers with outstanding marketing potential. Brand or product references in online publications can undoubtedly boost your sales, but positive mentions by influential bloggers can skyrocket your profits. 

If there’s no online chatter about you, your revenue becomes static. We work as your marketing cupid, finding the best match for your brand, demographic, and industry.

Blogger Outreach Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions most often asked about our services and process. For basic information about blogger outreach service and what they are, see this information that we’ve provided just for first-time buyers. If you need answers to questions that you don’t see covered here, please use our handy website chat to speak directly to a knowledgeable team member.

Is it ethical to use blogger outreach to build links?

In short, yes. When links and/or mentions of your site on the web come in the form of an impartial, non-promotional, high quality blog review or article, you're guaranteed to draw traffic to your website. It's easily one of the most effective techniques online today.

It depends on the type of business you run and, more importantly, the type of campaign in question. In general, though, B2B clients, such as SaaS companies that sell software products to other businesses, perform much better with editorial links. B2C clients such as an e-commerce store that sells perfumes to individual consumers, do better with blog reviews or sponsored posts. We’ll advise you accordingly so you can choose a strategy that promises maximum ROI.

Typically, we prefer to choose the selected blogger to write and publish it for their audience. This allows for singular and trusted voice.
If for any reason blogger is not available, one can be provided from our roster of talented, native writers.

Yes, if the publishers allow external content. However, writing your own content can be time-consuming and risky. If the level of quality does not match what the publisher requires, your time will have been wasted, and you will still need to find someone to rewrite the content. If you're competent and wish to write your own content, be sure to give yourself enough time for it to be reviewed and approved in order to avoid any delays in publishing.

The goal is to educate and entertain potential clients, gently steering them to your website as naturally as possible. This is achieved through a mix of non-promotional, impartial content and ads placed subtly within the content. This helps us to keep your content placed on mid-tier, quality blogs where organically-placed links and mentions can drive traffic to your website.

Yes, we provide full transparency to our clients so when we take your order we will show you the websites along with the details for your review and once we have final approval from you, we move forward with the campaign.

The same goes for content and posts. You can pre-approve and manage or request changes in it. The content will be modest and non-promotional. Your link will be incorporated as an organic mention. Be sure to take a look at our examples, or select a small trial run first, to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We work diligently to ensure that the balance of time, efforts, and results are the most advantageous to our clients.

Typically the placements are there for good. There is a guarantee of placement for at least 365 days, but the reality is that most placements are left intact for the lifetime of the blog.

There is an inevitable downturn in traffic from those links, but that is to be expected with any type of campaign that relies on traffic. The same articles will not see as much traffic over time.

If for any reason we are unable to find relevant websites, you can expect to be informed of our difficulties, and receive a full refund. We haven’t yet been unable to fulfill an order and this will only be the case in incredibly small niche communities.

Online gaming is one of our strongholds and has a proven track record. We’ve already served numerous key players in the online gaming niche in many markets including, the UK, FR, DE, PT, ES, BR, NO, DK, SE, Fl, and many more. Our strengths lay in gaming (casino, slots, etc.), sports betting, and esports betting (news, sports, lifestyle, tech).
We request your flexibility in pricing while seeking out links, so we can deliver something concrete.

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