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Magfellow provides quality link building services in Finland. With an extensive network of Finnish bloggers, we guarantee quality backlinks for your website within Finland on .fi domains. Whether it’s through guest posts or link insertion, our proficiency ensures your requirements are met.

Let us connect you with native Finnish bloggers to enhance your website’s visibility and search engine ranking in Finland.

Link Building Finland

Why choose us

Your link building partner
in Finland

When you work with us, you have full control over the process. We’ll follow your lead and tailor your campaign to your needs. From planning to execution, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your campaign a success.

Our Finnish link building experts will help your website gain the authority needed through premium and mid-tier Finnish blogs. We will get links within the content to boost your brand in a white-hat way.


You choose the publishers and also get to review and approve the content before it goes live.


We provide genuine, niche-relevant in-content links, customized effectively to meet all unique client needs.

Payment flexibility​​

We offer various payment methods and terms to fit your financial situation. We bill only for live links.​

No PBN, No Spam!

Real websites with real traffic and search engine rankings, built by real people, not SEO's, not PBNs!

Wide range of industries served in Finland​

We deliver hundreds of placements each month across a wide range of industries, including SaaS, gaming, fintech, health, marketing, décor, crypto, eCommerce, business, and technology.

Finnish link building options

There are several types of links we offer, that you can obtain from Finnish (.fi tld) websites, depending on your link-building strategies.

Blogger outreach

We'll search for blogs in Finland that fit your audience perfectly. This means you get the best blogger for your work at a good price. We take care of finding blogs, talking to them, and placing your content.

Guest posting

We'll help your website get a link on Finnish sites using guest posts. Our team can write good articles to put on famous Finnish blogs, or you can give us your article for publishing. Every article will have a link to your website.​

Link Insertion (Niche edits)

If making new articles isn't easy for you, we have a "niche edits" service. We'll put your link in articles that are already on Finnish sites or sites popular in Finland. This looks natural and is easier than writing new articles.

Let’s get the backlinks on Finnish websites!

Affordable & transparent

We believe in offering our location-specific link building services at highly competitive prices. Our services are tailored to suit your budget and link building requirements.

No contracts, no subscriptions, and no set pricing!

How it works?

Define your preferences – acceptable niches, SEO metrics, language, location, and budget. We then share blogs from our connections that match your criteria. You can select blogs as per your budget and SEO preferences.

Alternatively, we can initiate a dedicated link building campaign according to your tailored requirements at no extra cost.

(.fi) domain links

Build a custom package to fit your needs
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • Option to provide your own content
  • Dedicated outreach manager
  • High niche relevancy
  • Flexible payment options​​
  • White-label for agencies & SEOs

Why Invest in backlinks?

Backlinks are super important for SEO. They are like recommendations from other sites to yours. Search engines see these and think your website is good and can be trusted.

Getting backlinks from Finland is great if you want Finnish people to notice you. Here’s why getting Finnish links is a good idea:

SEO rankings

Finnish backlinks help businesses get better SEO in Finland. Search engines like when links come from the same country. So, links from Finnish sites can make your website show up more in Finnish searches.​

Enhanced reputation

Links from well-known Finnish sites make your site look good to Finnish people. When they see trusted Finnish sites linking to you, they'll think your site is trustworthy too and will want to check it out.​

Targeted traffic

Finnish links can bring more Finnish visitors to your site. This can help you sell more and get more people interested in what you offer.​

Quality link building guaranteed

At MagFellow, we choose quality over how much we do. This makes us stand out while others might not do as well. Our SEO experts have 7-12 years of experience, so we make sure to place links that help your business shine.

We carefully pick where to put links. We check if the site has visitors from the right places, the words they use, the topic, and if their content is good. We make sure everything is perfect for you. We focus on quality and only work with the best blogs to give you top-notch service.

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FAQs about
Finnish link building

Check out our FAQs for foundational information on our Finnish link building services. For any additional queries, feel free to chat with us.

Usually not, but it depends.

Our partnerships with publishers are based on the agreement that the content will not be marked as sponsored. However, in some cases, bloggers may not be able to avoid putting the sponsored mention due to local regulations. If this is the case, we will get back to you and ask for your decision.

Certainly! We make a point to only establish do follow links.

Your dedicated Account Manager will share a Google sheet with you, updating it with active links and statuses on a daily basis. Upon completion of the order, an Excel file will be forwarded to you for verification.

We can also adapt to other reporting systems if you have specific requirements.