SEO Backlinks – Mastering Quality, Relevance and a Natural Link Profile

SEO Backlinks – Mastering Quality, Relevance and a Natural Link Profile

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Backlinks have been and will always be website referrals. Their role in pushing your website to the very front of the search engine pages can never be overlooked. Their value holds true despite the popular Google and other popular search engine algorithm updates that seem to punish rampant lick building.

As search engines master machine learning and begin parsing link juice better, the age of link spamming is long gone. The current recipe lies in a subtle balance of quality links, padding backlinks, and most importantly informative and professional content.

The goal is to Look Natural

Google has always insisted on organic link building. But we all know that this is next to impossible. Creating unique and engaging content might land you a couple of backlinks. But you will need the initial links to get you that exposure you need to get your link building organic.

The mistake many SEO experts and DIY builders do is focusing too much on backlinking and forgetting that search engine algorithms will tell any fraudulent activity.

SEO Backlinks – Mastering Quality, Relevance and a Natural Link Profile - Goal

Quality Supersedes Quantity

A couple of strategic links from a high authority website are better than 100 links from low profile or high spam score websites. This is a rule many webmasters have to terms with by now. This has seen many people emphasize getting their backlinks from none but the very best on the internet.

While this is a great decision that will steer you to the very top faster, there is more to the quality rule of backlinking than just getting the links from high DA websites.

Multiple high-quality links within a short period of time might flag your website for further scrutiny. Building the links slowly keeps Google and other search engines off your back as you enjoy the benefits of better ratings.

Relevant Natural Links

The links must be from a relevant website. A link from a blog or website in the same niche makes more sense since it means that you are a true authority in your niche.

Padding links make the whole link building process more natural. Padding links use a couple of low-quality and natural comment or forum links, just something to at least show that your links are simply because you are popular, not because you paid to get them.

It would be impossible to receive 20 links from high-ranking websites in your niche and not get at least half of that link volume from upcoming blogs in the niche.

Your Website Quality Must Backup the Links

Content is the first piece of the puzzle. High-quality content that adds true value to your leaders might in itself be enough to rank you for long tail keywords or low competition phrases. Couple this with a strategic backlinking project and you get the perfect ranking recipe that most webmasters miss.

With search engines getting more intelligent, it won’t take them more than a minute to discredit your high-quality backlinks as soon as they learn that your content isn’t worth all that appraisal.

Every great SEO campaign begins with a resilient on-page SEO strategy. Solid keyword research and comprehensive content will give you the basics for a successful link building campaign.

A good link building agency will help you get the relevant high-quality links you need to spearhead your website to the very top. Combining your link building efforts with a solid on-page SEO analysis and optimization campaign will ensure that you get better returns on your investments.


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