Privacy Policy

This page contains the MagFellow Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), together with MagFellow subsidiaries and affiliates and other related services and products. The Agreement describes the kind of information that the Site collects from you as a part of its normal operation process and how it uses this information and discloses it to third parties. This Agreement is subject to and has been incorporated into the Terms of Use for the Site.

In this Agreement, we use the following terms to describe the visitors who visit our Site. All customers have been hereinafter referred to as “Subscribers” and the contacts of all Subscribers have hereinafter been referred to as “Contacts”. The word “Staff” refers to all persons to whom the Subscribers give “Staff access” on the Site. All these people together with the registered users on the interactive areas of the Site are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Users”.

How the Site Uses Your Information

The Site uses the personal information that is collected from the Users along with all other information that the Site obtains from the current and past activities of Users to offer them with the various services offered on the Site, troubleshoot problems and issues, bill due amounts, resolve billing disputes and service issues, inform about offline and online products, offers, updates, services and events, deliver information that is relevant to particular interests, measure consumer interest in the products and services offered by the Site, customize User experience, protect the Site against error, detect any existing errors, enforce the Terms of Use, protect from fraud and criminal activity, offer Users with administrative and system messages, and use as otherwise described at the time of collection the said information.

The Site also uses the contact information to contact Users to determine their inputs to the various services offered by the Site, invite Users to events and forward the contact details to various media opportunities. The Site might also choose to use the said information to improve its promotional and marketing efforts, improve product and content offerings, analyze Site usage and customize content, services and layout. The Site might also choose to use the information to customize the offerings according to User needs and provide Users with a safe, customized, efficient and smooth experience while using the Site.

Finally, the Site may also choose to access Your Content (as defined and described in the Terms of Use) to conduct its business operations, investigate suspected violations of the Terms of Use, offer technical support and adhere to legal requirements.

What kind of information is collected by the Site

The main goal in collecting personal information from Users is to offer them with an efficient, smooth, customized and safe experience. The collected information allows the Site to offer features and services that shall meet User needs and also to customize services to make User experiences easier, better and safer. The Site only collects personal information that it considers to be necessary for achieving these particular purposes.

It is entirely possible to browse through the Site without having to reveal any kind of personal information, but once an individual chooses to become a registered user with the Site, we require the said individual to provide some identity and contact information, other personal information (as indicated on the specific forms) and billing information. Once a user decides to register with the Site, he/ she is no longer anonymous to the Site and this also extends to areas of the site that might have been accessed when the User was anonymous prior to registration. Wherever possible, the Site shall take all necessary steps to indicate what information is required and what information is optional.

As Users use the site, they can keep updating their personal information or build upon their respective User profile. For example, Subscribers are allowed to store statistics, notes and other information with regards to the activities with Contacts. Contacts are also allowed to update their profiles, suggest alternate contact methods and update preferences. The Site also allows you to enter personal information about third parties from time to time. For example, Subscribers can enter personal information about their Contacts or their Staff.

There are several features and sections of the site that are only available to those who register as Users on the Site and offer the requisite information that is being collected in the specific form. The Site collects the credit card information of Subscribers for billing purposes. The Site also collects and stores the credit card information of Contacts for payment purposes, so that Contacts can pay amounts to Subscribers on a recurring basis.

The Site automatically tracks certain information about User behavior on the Site. This information is used for internal research on user demographics, behavior and interests in order to better understand, serve and protect the Users and the community. The said information may also include the URL that the User just came from and the URL that the user shall go to after visiting the Site, the computer browser information as well as the User IP address.

The Site places “Cookies”, small files that are placed on your hard drive to assist the Site in offering its services. We then use these cookies to allow the Site to remember your passwords. We also use data collection devices on several pages and/ or sections of the Site to analyze the web page flow, promote security and trust, measure effectiveness of promotional campaigns, offer certain features and provide information that caters to specific interests.

Once you register with the Site, it is possible for the User to change and/ or review the information mentioned in the account area. If the User discloses any personal information on the blog(s) or the forum(s) of this Site, it is possible to get the same removed by contacting the Site support through the contact information mentioned on the Site.

How the Site Discloses Your Information

The Site does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. The following section of this Agreement describes some of the ways in which your information be used and/ or disclosed during the normal scope of business of the Site.

  1. Subscribers and Contacts. The information entered on the Site is available to Contacts, Subscribers as well as Staff who have access to your account. The said information is also available to Users who have been given access to your account by you during the normal operation of the Site.
  2. Forum. If a User posts the Username or other personal information in the comments or postings on the blog(s) and/ or forum(s) of the Site, the said information is available to the general public. All user activities on the forum shall be identifiable to the respective User ID and the same can be seen by other people.
  3. Payment Information. The Site uses your payment and credit card information that is submitted on the Site to process all payments that are made by you through the Site. We do not store payment information or credit card information offered by you for the recurring payments made from your account. The financial institutions have the complete and sole responsibility of storing your payment and credit card information. 
  4. Service providers, subsidiaries and affiliates. The Site may use the services of subsidiaries, affiliates and other unrelated service providers from time to time to operate the Site and may choose to disclose your personal information to the said parties during the use of their services. The Site shall take care to use reputable and renowned service providers that are capable of handling your confidential information. For example, the Site may choose to use hosting companies to host the operation, including hosting of personal information and data on the servers operated by the said hosting companies.
  5. Anonymized Aggregated Data. The Site may aggregate the information to offer comparison and benchmarking information with regards to the success of a particular outreach campaign viz-a-viz the campaigns run by other Subscribers from the same and/ or different industry. This information shall not divulge or use your personal information and it shall not connect Subscribers with bloggers or reporters. All notes, communication and information that links to the Subscriber account shall be kept private.
  6. Emergencies and Legal Requests. The Site always cooperates with law enforcement agencies and inquiries pertaining to the demands of information made by the law. Therefore, the Site may choose to divulge your personal information to law enforcement agencies or at times of what the Site believes to be emergency situations, or as directed by our Legal Counsel. The Site shall always adhere to court orders, lawful authorities, statutes and legal processes. In some cases, your personal  information may be subject to the legal jurisdiction of another country.

Using Other Person’s Information

The Site allows users to divulge their personal information to other persons under certain circumstances in order to properly facilitate the various services offered by the Site. For example, Subscribers are allowed to give Staff access to the personal information of the Subscriber’s Contacts. All Users agree to respect the personal information of other users that is used, collected and disclosed on the Site. All Users agree to have all necessary consents and rights to use, disclose and collect any such information as has been described in this Agreement from time to time. All users agree that the indemnity offered by the Users to the Site applies to any and all non-compliance on the part of the User with the foregoing.


The Site strives to properly protect the personal information collected by it. For security of transactions, the Site uses the SSL protocol which encrypts any and all information, including your billing information and credit card information that is sent to the Site electronically. The encryption protects the information. Once the Site receives the said information, it takes commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the security of all such information on its own systems. However, no data transmission on the internet is 100% secure. The Site strives to keep User data safe and protected, but the Site cannot guarantee and/ or warrant the security of any such information.

Other Information Collectors

Except as has been expressly included in this Agreement, this particular document only caters to the use and disclosure of the information collected from the Users. If Users disclose their information to other parties through the Site, different rules might apply to the use, disclosure and collection of such information. The Site does not control the information use, disclosure policies of third parties or collection policies of third parties and all Users are subject to their respective privacy policies if they choose to disclose such information.


For any questions with regards to this Agreement, Users can email the privacy officer of the Site at privacy [at]