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Good content doesn’t automate links.

No one gets the sweat it takes to build even one relevant link. It’s true good content makes a lot of difference, though, it doesn’t matter if your emails don’t get people clicking. Or even worse, if you’re reaching to the wrong people.

Successful link building outreach isn’t just a walk in the park; it’s about practice, learning from your oops moments, and being open to improvement. Even if you’re a backlink pro, hitting that dream success rate? Not as easy as it sounds.

As it’s a realistic guide, let’s talk honestly: among the network of thousands of professional link builders all around the world, no one is getting a 100% response rate. Ready to see the actual side of link building outreach? Keep scrolling!

Link Building Outreach – Overview

Link building outreach is a process in which you need to explore relevant websites similar to your business or influences in the same field and ask them for a backlink. Sending emails is one of the convenient and professional ways, but one can also make phone calls or use powerful social media platforms to build up an advanced connection.

In this game, your primary purpose should be building a genuine and trustworthy image in the eyes of others, whether it’s customers, partners, or the general public.

But the point that needs to be noted here is just having a link won’t do any magic. It all lies in the quality and relevance it carries along.

Link building outreach is the critical component you need to master because it allows you to converse with numerous people who share common ground.

It’s a way to welcome a new audience to your website and secure a top spot in the eyes of search engines. Sounds interesting? There’s much more to explore! Don’t hit pause on your reading journey!

Getting Ready: A Few Basics Before You Start

Nobody’s the ultimate perfection package. Even with a bunch of degrees and pro-level skills, there’s always something we might miss. Here’s my take on the basics that every link builder should focus on.

  • A specific email address: have a domain email address for your company.
  • Request a hyperlink: keep your message clear and concise.
  • Always try to address the blogger or webmaster by their name.
  • Personify your link building outreach: in any case, remember that you are communicating with a real person.
  • It’s a two-way thing – avoid spamming or harassing: no one is obligated to offer you the link.
  • Do not convey your message in a manipulating way.
  • Make sure to keep track of every piece of link building outreach you are providing.
  • Be determined: don’t get affected by rejections.
  • Keep fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the people you share outreach with – this way, you can support each other in the future.

Creating Linkable Assets

Link building? It’s a waiting game. See, not every blog out there is scoring links, and let’s be real: content quality is all over the map.

Building links for blog articles can be a marathon, especially with the hustle of outreach. But here’s a pro tip – instead of going all-in on some grand linking program, why not whip up some linkable assets? That not only boosts your outreach response rate but also makes link earning much quicker.

Linkable assets effortlessly draw in those coveted backlinks. Whether it’s through some savvy business promotion or a well-executed outreach strategy, these assets are the A-listers in the online popularity contest.

These assets can be anything from eye-catching infographics and engaging videos to must-read articles and useful tools. It’s like creating content that’s so awesome that other websites can’t help but want to link to it.

Consider a travel blogger who has crafted a map revealing the hidden gems of a specific destination. This blogger takes a thoughtful approach, reaching out to other travel blogs and presenting the map as a distinctive resource that can elevate the appeal of their content.

It’s not just about pitching; it’s an invitation to enhance their content with an exclusive map that brings a unique charm to the travel narrative.

Crafting linkable assets sets the stage for a win-win. You gain backlinks, and your fellow content creators get a boost. It’s not just about links; it’s a catalyst for meaningful collaborations within your community.

Skills You Need To Be a Pro Link Building Outreach Expert

Link building outreach isn’t a piece of cake. Success demands hard work and real expertise.

Here’s the reality: someone with a creative, personable, and tenacious approach often outshines others, even without a deep knowledge base. On the flip side, an individual with years of experience but an arrogant nature usually falls short. Why?

The successful one had the skills to learn and earn, while the latter lacked that crucial ability.

So, if you’re in the link building outreach game, these skills are tailor-made for you.

Convincing Power

Link building outreach mirrors the dynamics of friendships – common interests are key.

When you’re skilled at uncovering shared ground with others, link building outreach becomes a smooth ride. It’s the skillset of making connections effortlessly by tapping into what connects us.

Observation Skills

In link building outreach, a valuable tip is to analyze the influencers or websites you’re targeting thoroughly. These entities may already have affiliations with your competitors.

By attentively observing what motivates them to establish links, you can position yourself adeptly in the link building outreach world. It’s a strategic approach that involves understanding the nuances of link-clicking preferences and leveraging them effectively.


Subject lines with a personal touch are 22.2% more likely to grab attention and get opened. While it may require additional effort, the effectiveness makes it worthwhile.

By customizing your approach, you not only increase the chances of collaboration but also set the stage for a positive experience together. It’s about making that initial connection meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Communication Skills

The heart of your message lies in addressing your genuine CONCERN, which is ultimately related to generating sales. Outreach emails involve selling the value of your content or whatever it is that necessitates a link.

Explain the mutual benefits of linking to your content without coming off as forceful or pushy. It’s about creating a persuasive and mutually advantageous proposition that speaks to their interests.

Find a System that Works For You

Link building outreach efforts demand a delicate balance; without it, the process can become overwhelming.

Recognize that everyone follows their unique route, allocating varied time and resources to different facets of the link building outreach process.

So we have two paths in general:

  • Addressing fewer emails but keeping them highly personalized and human.
  • Addressing more emails but keeping them less personalized and robotic.

Both of them don’t sound too good. Personalized emails work wonders, but we can’t spend ages on each pitch. Remember, there’s a human on the other side of that email. In the hustle, not everyone has time for lengthy, super-customized messages.

Strangely, the ones that feel more copied or AI-generated often end up in the silent zone without a response.

How about if we create our VERSION?

Using AI is like having unpaid assistance that saves you tons of time. But rapid copy-paste sessions don’t work in pitching. Your AI-crafted email needs a bit of personality and a touch of life so it doesn’t end up feeling like just another generic message in someone’s inbox.

What’s your version? It’s now your time to use your creativity!

Link outreach is all about discovering your perfect method. Think of it like health and fitness; there are countless approaches, but everyone’s body is unique.

If there were a one-size-fits-all, link building outreach companies wouldn’t be in demand. It’s the art of modifying your approach to what works uniquely for you.

Who is your Target Audience?

When it comes to building links, figuring out who you’re targeting really depends on your industry, content, and what exactly you’re trying to achieve. But you know who can really give your content a boost and make your online presence pop? Influencers.

These influencers, whether they’re a brand or an individual, are the ones with a solid social media following. They’ve put in the work to build a relationship with their audience.

Suppose these influencers, with their trusty and loyal fanbase, give you a shoutout with a backlink; it can do a lot to bring more eyes to your site. It’s like getting a cool recommendation from a friend but in the online world.

Now, what is the smoothest approach to connecting with influencers? Start by reaching out to those who already know you through broken links or unlinked keywords.

To find influencers related to your niche,

  • You can set Google alerts for relatable keywords.
  • Search communities of the people answering related questions.
  • Check out those influencers that promote your competitors.
  • Use outreach tools.

Always keep this in mind: one high-quality link trumps a multitude of others. When assessing influencers and their websites, pay close attention to the following factors:

  • Their number of followers
  • Bonding between the influencer and its following
  • Authority of their domain and pages
  • Their content quality.

To secure their contact or email address for link building outreach, a reliable method is to look them up on LinkedIn.

Crafting Outreach Emails Templates

Rounded up a bunch of quality emails? Now, let’s talk about how to put together words that not only grab attention but also lead to a deal! It’s pitch time.

No ordinary templates here! Absolutely not. However, having a checklist on hand while crafting the email is a smart move. It ensures you don’t overlook any noteworthy details.

Bloggers, website owners, and editors are swimming in emails. To make a real impact, you’ve got to go BEYOND the usual and share something eye-opening and legit! So, let’s go through a few steps together to figure out the right way to craft outreach emails. Ready?

Perfect the Subject Line

When you know how to make things interesting and actually practical, you’ve got it sorted! And it should make wider sense. It’s not about being fancy but staying authentic.  Stick to being helpful rather than going for flashy lines. That’s the real deal! In short, remember two rules for perfecting subject lines: add curiosity, add utility!

Show them why you chose them

Let’s be a little delusional: imagine someone pops into your inbox out of the blue, asking, “How do I become a millionaire?” Bit random, right? Like, where did they even come from? Would you be up for helping them out after a message like that?

Good emails tackle this by explaining why they’re reaching out to you in particular. They spill the beans on how much your collaboration means to them and the value it can bring. Whether it’s a quick paragraph or just a line showing you know a thing or two about who you’re pitching to, it’s worth a mention!

Your research should be seen.

Is it even worth bothering experts for answers when Google can spill it out in 20 seconds?

Imagine hitting up an author who’s already got articles readily available on their website for links, but there you are, sliding into their email. Seems a tad annoying. It says you haven’t done your homework on their site, and let’s be real, you might not be dead serious about making things happen.

Nobody wants to give off that vibe. For this, before shooting off that email, take a good look into what these folks are about. Scribble down the important bits so you don’t skip a thing.

Be concise and sweet

No one is there to read the mini-novel you sent!

The longer the message, the longer it takes to read and respond and let’s face it, nobody’s got time, especially when the inbox is already bursting. So, what’s the winning move? We call it “be concise and sweet.”

Drop an email of two or three short paragraphs, but hit that “submit” button only if:

  • It shows you know about their work.
  • It provokes questions in their mind.
  • No “helping request” yet – that comes after at least 3 to 4 practical email exchanges.

Gratitude is more powerful than we think!

Throw in a little gratitude, even if they haven’t pulled off something mind-blowing. Tell them something like, “Thanks for sharing awesome content and giving us a boost,” or “I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.” It’s like a little pat on the back, you know? Makes people more inclined to be kind. And even if it doesn’t work like magic, it’s always good to be nice, don’t you think?

You’re Never Done Learning  – Overcoming Rejections

Living a productive life depends on having a continuous learning mindset. The beauty of it is there’s no cap on how much knowledge you can soak up.

There’s always a better way to do things compared to the way you’re currently doing them. The same holds for link building outreach.

Upon one Google search of “link building outreach,” you will find a dozen of guides telling you what to do. But do you know that actually matters?  It’s the willingness to keep learning, even if you’re currently on top of your game.

Getting stuck in outreach planning or not hitting your goals? Happens to the best of us. Don’t let it get you down. We get that it can be discouraging. The key here is to give your mind some time. Unlearn what you’ve absorbed so far, and make room for fresh ideas.

Feeling a bit low after a rejection? Take a peek at those outreach emails that turned into big deals. There’s a lot to be learned from success stories, even if it’s not your own.

Tracking Pitches and Sucess Rate

How do you keep tabs on all those emails you’re firing off every day? Let me share a simple and logical way to do just that.

Pitching to even 20 people a day can be a mental juggling act. It’s tough to remember who you talked to last or when to follow up. And the worst? Sending the same pitch email twice to the same client. Talk about cringe-worthy and leaving a bad impression. Let’s dodge those awkward moments.

Here’s the solution: a single Google sheet. It can save you from missing out on a potential deal. Open a new sheet in your browser and add columns like date, website details, URL, site type, contact details, and notes. It’s your best self-made tool to keep track of pending responses.

Sure, there are fancy link-building tools out there, but this option is simple and right at your fingertips. So, no more double-email mishaps, and yes, to a more organized pitching game!

In the same manner, you can keep a record of the pitches that got a response. Customize the sheet according to your strategy.

Avoiding Black Hat Practices

We all are in need of a time-traveling machine that takes us to the time when our SEO practices finally paid off. But, the truth is it’s all fiction. Yes, shortcuts attract, but they lead to severe consequences, including penalties and potential removal from search engine indexes. Let’s have a peek at what to avoid and the ethical route to ride on.

What to Avoid

  • Buying Link
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  • Automated Link Building

The Ethical Route

  • Focus on Quality Content
  • Build Genuine Relationships
  • Diversify Anchor Texts
  • Regularly Audit Your Links

Taking the high road pays off! Instead of chasing short-term gains, aim for bigger wins. Partner up now with an outreach link building specialist who actually understands the drill of this game.

Pitfalls in Link building Outreach

Link building outreach is a road with numerous thrills and barriers. Watch out for these common pitfalls that can trip you up along the way:

  1. Sending generic outreach emails without personalization.
  2. Reaching out to websites or influencers that aren’t genuinely aligned with your content or industry.
  3. Prioritizing quantity of outreach over the quality of relationships built.
  4. Failing to follow up on initial outreach attempts.
  5. Ignoring other outreach channels like social media or phone calls.
  6. Sticking rigidly to a single outreach strategy without adapting to changes.
  7. Approaching targets without thorough research on their content and audience
  8. Failing to monitor the success and failures of outreach campaigns

Even if you’re a pro, each new pitch makes you feel like a total newbie. It’s like you need the business smarts of a CEO, the word wizardry of a writer, the charm of a top-notch salesperson, and the loyalty of a BFF. And it’s not a matter of one night. Memorize these three rules: never stop trying new things, keep an eye on what’s working, and always tweak and refine. It’s like the never-ending game of getting better and better.


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