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Get customized international link building, and blogger outreach services for multilingual websites. Partnered with some of the best sites across all seven continents to help you achieve off-site international SEO visibility with our bespoke nation-specific backlink services. Committed to publishing quality content in your native language, with links that will be placed naturally.

What is international/multilingual link building outreach service?

Country-specific link building or International link building essentially refers to building links for targeted countries. The process starts by creating and publishing content in local languages (for the selected countries). So, for example, we can create Spanish articles to publish in Spain and German articles to publish in Germany. This makes it easy to target relevant audiences in the selected countries. The best part is that we have a dedicated team of native writers capable of creating highly targeted content for different non-English speaking countries.

Countries We Work with for Multilingual Link Building

Here at Magfellow, we are helping businesses in 42+ countries & languages by taking control of their regional blogger outreach and international link building to boost their local rankings & brand exposure.

United Kingdom
UK English websites

Ireland (1)

.ie Irish websites

United States Of America

.com, .org, .us, .net websites


.ca, English & French websites

Australia, Australian websites


.in Hindi, English websites


.br Portuguese websites


.pt Portuguese websites


.es Spanish websites


.fr French websites

Germany (1)

.de German websites

Italy (1)

.it Italian websites


.at Austrian German websites


.ro Romanian websites


.pl Polish, Polski websites

Sweden (1)

.se Svenska websites


.dk Danish websites


.no Norwegian websites


.fi Finnish websites


.nl Dutch websites

Belgium .Be

.be Dutch, French & Germán

Switzerland .Ch

.ch Swiss, German websites

South Africa .Za
South Africa

.za South African websites

Bulgaria .Bg

.bg Bulgarian websites

Chile .Cl

.cl Spanish, English websites

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Competitive pricing

We believe in offering our international link building services at highly competitive prices. We have a variety of options to choose from that are tailored to suit your budget and multilingual backlink building requirements.
No contracts - No subscriptions - No fixed pricing!

How to start? 

Define your SEO metric preferences, target market(s), and budget. We then share the available blogs that match your requirements, so you may cherry-pick the blogs as per your preferences. OR we initiate the dedicated country-specific outreach campaign according to your for you target market with no extra cost.

Country specific links
Build a custom package to fit your needs
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No contracts - No subscriptions - No fixed pricing!
  • White-label solution for agencies & SEOs
  • Special agency discounts
  • Multilingual/ Location specific links 
  • High niche relevancy
  • Pre-approve websites
  • Content review before publishing
  • Payment after publishing


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Why international brands should work on multilingual strategy

Globalization has led to an increasing number of international customers who speak different languages. Forging a connection with these individuals is essential if you want your business or service offerings recognized on the global stage, but it can be tough without targeting them in their native tongue. It is always rewarding when a native blogger writes about your brand or service for their audience. Also, this increases website ranking on search engines in targeted countries, which means more customers will find you!

Wider Business Range
Boost Rankings
One of the most effective ways to improve your website's ranking on search engines globally is through international link building. You can reach a wider international audience and improve the chances of being found in search results, by building multilingual links with websites and blogs in different locations.
Global Presence
Global Presence
Multilingual link building can be beneficial for companies looking to target multiple markets or specific locations. By collaborating with high-quality, relevant domains, brands can make their website more accessible to international audiences. With the rising popularity of cross-border selling, the multilingual link building approach is more popular than ever before.
Multilingual Content
Enhanced Reputation
If you're looking to build better relationships with your target audience, consider investing in link building outreach in their native language. This is because they'll see that you've made an effort to speak their language, which will make them more likely to trust and respect you. It could make a clear difference in your success.

Importance of multilingual backlinks in country-specific SEO

If you’re a global brand that wishes to rank better in non-English speaking countries. You need to localize your website through translated pages for respective countries and must link to more websites/blogs with the audience from these locations. This is where country-specific link-building comes in handy.

Improved Seo

How Does it Work?

Link building is a foundational pillar in SEO as it helps boost your brand authority and visibility. Multilingual link building is a subset of link building for brands aspiring to attain a global presence. It focuses on building links with international sites in different countries, transcending geographical and language barriers. The way it works is straightforward. 


Outreach involves building business partnerships with bloggers and influencers in other countries to find valuable opportunities for link placement. Our priority is to find high-value links placements in the target countries, with organic traffic a key priority. 

Content Creation

In this step, our outreach team works closely with our team of highly skilled writers to create original, engaging multilingual content for guest posting. 

Publishing and Reporting

Our team prioritizes finding sustainable, long-term multilingual link-building relationships. Like our conventional link-building campaigns, our primary focus is to continually create natural backlink profiles customized to fit each client’s unique needs. Additionally, we provide transparent reporting helping you take complete control of your SEO campaign. 

Multilingual link building services

We offer customized multilingual link building options, each tailored to meet specific SEO needs. High Quality, Low Price, and Zero Contract.

Blogger Outreach

Reaching out to bloggers and building relationships with them is a huge and tedious task. But when you sign up for our services, we'll take that burden off your shoulders by providing appropriate in-content links via natural and manual blogger outreach.

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Guest Posts

We use guest blogging techniques that can generate natural backlinks to improve your search engine rankings, traffic, and brand visibility. Our partnership with the greatest webmasters and guest bloggers will push your business or website toward a broad and relevant audience.

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Curated Links (Niche Edits)

Upon registering for our Curated Link / Niche Edit service, we'll provide you with dozens of carefully picked blogs to choose from. You simply identify a high performing relevant blog post and have your link placed in it to benefit from the traffic and authority.

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White Label SEO Link Building

By choosing our white label link services, you'll get special agency pricing to lead to huge savings. The best part of our white label link service is that we'll give you full ownership of the links built, making it convenient to resell them to your clients at your agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

You probably have a ton of questions on multilingual link building. The following section provides answers to most of the questions we’re most frequently asked. However, if you still have unanswered questions by the end of the FAQ section, feel free to engage us via the chat feature. 

Can I see the list of URLs to order from?

Yes, you can. We strive to make the outreach program as transparent as possible. So, we take each client through the URLs and websites to which your site will link. Indeed, we only move to the next step once we get your approval. You can also request changes as you wish. However, we can guarantee that we only deal with authentic blogs and legitimate links. We only link in an organic, unobtrusive, and non-promotional manner.
Feel free to check our examples. Alternatively, you can request a trial to be 100% sure about the program. This will allow you to make the best decision. Nevertheless, we are very professional and are primarily motivated to produce results with the highest impact.

Yes, you can. Although we have internal writers, we also allow clients to submit self-written articles for publishing. However, we only accept the highest quality articles and may refuse any sub-par submissions. This can create issues because you’d have wasted a lot of time. Moreover, the rejection may mean you need to rewrite the articles. It’s just too much hassle.
So, we often advise our clients to take advantage of our in-house team of professional writers. However, if you’re confident in your writing skills, then great.

Yes, it’s what we do. We consistently find links to the most authoritative blogs and websites on the internet. However, it’s your choice where you want to publish. We encourage you to conduct your research and identify the most fitting blogs for linking. The good news is that we provide all the metrics you need to make the right decision. 

Capacity is never an issue. We provide as many links as you need – without compromising on quality. So whether you need a few dozen or several thousand links per month, rest assured we’ll deliver. 

We got your back. When you sign up with us, you’re assigned a special manager. Each client has a special manager. This manager has two main duties – to ensure that your link-building campaign is doing well and to answer any questions you may have at any time during the campaign. So, whenever you have any questions about the campaign or encounter issues with the orders, just reach out to them. They’ll answer your right there. 

All our content is freshly written. We are firmly against merely translating articles from one language to the next – even though Google doesn’t penalize it. The main reason we strongly discourage mere translation is that language has a massive impact on SEO performance. For instance, an English blog may perform excellently in the UK and flop terribly when translated to French.
Writing fresh content for country-specific outreach services allows us to SEO-optimize each content piece for the selected language and target audience. It also allows us to customize the content to better address reader pain points.

Generally speaking, link placements remain in place for good. More conservatively, we can confidently say that your links will remain in place for the life of the blog. Since most of the bloggers and influencers we work with are seasoned professionals with a long-term outlook, you can expect the links to remain in place for several years. Thus, you never have to worry about your links being taken out of the articles.
However, beware that referral traffic naturally wanes with type. Just like content pieces fall out of date and become less relevant with time, so will your link receive diminishing views and clicks. This is why link-building campaigns are long-term commitments.

We support multiple payment methods, including bank transfers, Payoneer, Skrill, and, yes, even PayPal. The choice is yours. 

Yes, but only for subsequent orders. For the first order, we prefer to take full payment to facilitate a smoother transaction. The good news is that we guarantee a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the services. You can also request a refund if the link doesn’t go live as earlier agreed or if you encounter serious issues with the order. After the first order, you can pay half up front and the other half later.