Custom Blogger Outreach

Custom Outreach

Whether you want to leverage the reach of famous influencers to gain traffic, get your brand name seen on popular blogs, or use link building as a tool to advance your SEO, you're covered.

Tailored to meet your needs

Depending on the type of business you own, your budget, and several other factors, your blogger outreach needs are likely to be unique. For example, you may want to create an outreach campaign focused on generating traffic as per your decided budget. Some businesses, meanwhile, may be more concerned with brand visibility. Then, some are solely looking to promote a particular product. Our custom outreach plans are designed to help you achieve any of these goals within your means.

Give a product – Get a review

Another very effective arrangement here, a brand (or business), gives the blogger a product in exchange for a review of the product. Just remember that reviews are supposed to be 100% honest, but not necessarily 100% positive. The good news is that even where a review isn’t very flattering, an honest assessment of a product always does a great job when it comes to convincing customers.

Product Review2

Compensated reviews

Finally, instead of giving out a product, you can also choose to pay the reviewer an agreed amount to get your product/brand reviewed. If you pick this approach, remember that there’s no set price here; you have to negotiate one. Be sure to keep in mind factors such as; the blogger’s influence, social media promotion efforts, and SEO performance when dealing. It may cost from $30 to $750/blog.

Product Review3

How much will you be charged?

You’re possibly wondering exactly how much you will end up paying. As already stated, there’s no fixed price. We calculate the final amount based on factors such as;

  • The effort required to find the right blogger
  • Compensation for the identified blogger
  • Cost of the product given away
  • Writer compensation

The final quote also includes the cost of developing pitches, identifying target blogs, and reaching out to the blog owners. If you’re interested, contact us so we can discuss a price based on your needs.

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