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Give us 72 hours to develop prose that’s precise, crisp,and distinguished enough for the world’s finest magazines. We’ll amplify your revenue through exceptional word power that delights your audience.

Professionally Written Content,
Optimized to Convert

On the internet, content is king. If your content is great, visitors will like it, increasing the potential for conversions. On the other hand, poor content is guaranteed to hamper your chances of conversion.

Unfortunately, consistently producing great content isn’t easy. First off, the wide range of content types seriously complicates the situation. You can currently promote your business through blog posts, web content, emails, e-books, infographics, product pages, and at least a dozen other content types.

Furthermore, digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in many ways. For one, digital consumers have incredibly short attention spans. If you fail to make the right impression within that short time, you’ve missed the sale. Secondly, the stiff competition on the internet means there is no room for error. A simple blunder such as a misleading blog title can condemn you to high bounce rates, effectively hurting your bottom line. To avoid these situations, it’s imperative that you invest in professional content marketing.

Blog Writing

Blogging is a proven way to build an active community of loyal customers. Businesses with thriving blogs not only generate more leads consistently, but they also see better search engine ranking. Our blog writing service prioritizes;

  • Originality:To help you stand apart from the competition.
  • Quality:To help establish you as an authority in your industry.
  • SEO Optimization:To keep you at the top of search engines for maximum traffic.
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Blog Writing

Article Writing

This section covers all other forms of digital marketing content not mentioned above. These include;

  • Editorials
  • Guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Industry studies

This category of content takes a lot more time and effort to create, but the content pieces have the potential to draw authority instantly and, by so doing, enhance customer loyalty while also winning your new leads and customers.

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Article Writing

Web Content Writing

Also known as web copy or onsite content, web content is the first type of content every business needs. Why? Because without it, your site would simply be a framework of grids with a few images here and there! To get value for your efforts, your web content must be;

  • Evergreen:Evergreen content is timeless content that remains relevant for many years.
  • SEO Optimized:Optimization plays a critical role in achieving favorable ranking on search engines and drive traffic to your site.
Web Content Writing

Product Description Writing

Product descriptions essentially tell consumers key product features and give them a reason to make the purchase. For this reason, your descriptions should be;

  • Original:There are likely to be multiple other businesses out there, promoting similar products on the internet. Original product descriptions will help you stand apart.
  • SEO Optimized:Like with other content types, optimizing your product pages helps achieve favorable search engine ranking.
  • Sell solutions, not features:There’s no problem listing down product features. But to make consumers buy, you need to tell them how the product will improve their lives.
Product Description Writing

Press Release Writing

Despite the growing influence of digital marketing, every business still needs exposure to traditional media. An article on a popular industry magazine or the local newspaper can do wonders for your reputation. Our press release writing service is designed to instantly grab readers' attention and get your audience excited about your business and products.

Press Release Writing

Best Content Writing Service

Whether it's short content pieces such as emails and social media posts or long-form articles, including guides and industry reports, only a proven professional content marketing team can be trusted to deliver results.

MagFellow is currently one of the best content marketing firms you can hire. Knowledgeable and highly reliable, our team comprises extensively experienced professionals with proven track records. As such, a return on your investment is guaranteed. Better still, our rates are unbeatable!

The Content Creation Process

Although we do the bulk of the work, we believe that content marketing can't go on without the client's input. To this end, we've created collaboration channels to keep clients involved at every stage of the content marketing process.

Begin by chatting with a content specialist

Every MagFellow client has access to a dedicated content marketing specialist whose primary job is to keep in touch with the assigned client and ensure that their needs (such as lodging revision and follow up requests and giving out new instructions) are met.

Give us a buyer persona

Besides talking to the assigned specialist, you can directly send us your buyer persona(s) so that all content is created with them in mind. Feel free to ask for buyer persona creation services if you don't have any personas yet.

Advice on style and tone

Where a buyer persona is provided, picking the right style and tone is easy. However, where no persona is provided, you're advised to provide the style and tone. This is the only way to ensure that the final content piece matches the needs of your audience.

Make the final call on quality

After the writing is done, you get the chance to review the content. If you feel that certain aspects of the piece don't meet your desired standards, you're free to request revisions. Any revision requests are attended to right away, after which the client gets another chance to review the work. Only when you're satisfied should you accept the content.

Why Choose MagFellow?

Wondering why you should choose MagFellow for your content marketing partnership? Here are the various reasons;

We Do Our Research
Before we write, we first conduct thorough research of your business, products, services, and audience so we can produce content that resonates with your brand.
Competitor Analysis
Aside from researching the client's business, we also explore the competition to uncover untapped marketing opportunities.
Keyword Research
Keywords still play a starring role in content marketing. MagFellow uses comprehensive tools to discover valuable keywords so you can remain on top of your competition.
Search Engine Optimization
Great content is not just valuable to readers but also optimized for search engines. Our superior understanding of search engines combined with our SEO experience means your content campaign is in safe hands.
Unlimited Revisions
If you don't like a finished blog post or article, simply request a revision. And, if after the modification, you still don't like it, you're free to ask for another revision - until you're satisfied with the work.
Money Back Guarantee
If you, at any time, feel that our services aren’t adding value to your marketing campaign, you have the right to cancel your subscription. Should this happen, you’ll get a full refund.