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With more than 10 years of experience in link building and working with leading names in the gambling and iGaming industry, we know what it takes to find high quality blogs for casino backlinks to rank higher on search engines. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or an operator running an online casino, betting sites, bingo, slots, lotteries, or lottery games, we have got you covered. Having connections with thousands of bloggers around the world means we have enough firepower to work our magic for you!

Importance of buying backlinks for casino website

When it comes to driving traffic and improving search engine rankings, quality link building is essential. And if you're in the casino or iGaming industry, then iGaming backlinks become even more important.

There are a few reasons for this: first and foremost, the casino and gambling industry is extremely competitive. In order to stand out from the crowd and rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to have high-quality backlinks pointing to your website. Secondly, Google tends to be less inclined towards gambling sites, so you need to go the extra mile to build trust for your website.

If you're going the organic route, make sure your casino backlinks are high quality and relevant. Otherwise, they could do more harm than good.

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We take control of your regional casino iGaming link building to boost local rankings and brand exposure for you in any language, anywhere.


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What categories to get casino backlinks from?

There's actually a lot of different niches you can build links from, as long as they have some natural connection back to your casino. When scanning through the backlink profiles of major online casino's, you'll see links are coming from following categories.

Casino & Gambling
Casino & Gambling
The most definite; Casino blogs & strategy sites, poker websites, sports betting bloggers & influencers.
Card Games
From video games, e-sports, board games, card games, and physical games blogs, are most suitable for iGaming links.
Baseball, American football, Basketball, Rugby Sports that are traditionally more tied to betting e.g. snooker, billiards etc.
Lifestyle & Leisure
Lifestyle & Leisure
In lifestyle and leisure's category, you could try entertainment, culture, travel, hobbies, movies, and celebrity for backlinks.
Business News Finance Casino Betting Gambling
Business, News & Finance
Want to be in the News? Then you should go with crypto, stocks & finance, careers, business, and bitcoin categories.
Technology Casino Betting Gambling Link Building
Last but not least, try these tech niches mobile & app blogs, computer technology (anything that links to the software & systems online casino's), design blogs, general technology, virtual reality.

Quality checklist for casino backlinks!

How do you know if a link from a website will be helpful for your casino betting site? It is important not to buy links from overcrowded sites that have suspicious link footprints.

Here is the quality checklist to use for evaluating websites to get backlinks for casino & gambling.

Domain Rating - 20+ minimum

Traffic - 1,000+ organic traffic according to Ahrefs

Referring Domains - 400+ referring domains according to Ahrefs

Traffic Analysis - Check organic traffic consistency through tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to see if there are any sudden drops or spikes in traffic as the drop may indicate a Google penalty or spike through bots. Usually, this isn't always the case and could be caused by Google algorithm or website updates. But it is good to consider this in the evaluation process.

Linked Domains - If there are more than four-five times as many linked domains compared with referring ones, then that could be an issue because this indicates the PBN or the website is heavily relying on sponsored content, so Google may penalize them soon. This would help you avoid buying less valuable and risky links.

Casino Linked Domains - While choosing a website, it is good to check how many casino domains are already linked from that site. If the domain is linking to a ton of casino websites, that indicates, they are just focused on selling links and you should avoid that domain. This check can be performed by the Ahrefs Linked Domains function by searching the word ‘casino’ in domain names.

Sponsored Tag - The goal is for the post/link to be natural and google friendly. The website uses Sponsored' or 'Advert' either in the content or on the attributes of the links should be avoided.

Relevancy - It is good to have the post published under a logical category.

Why choose us for iGaming link building

We understand that not every link building tactic will yield results for every website. Everything we do for casino and betting clients is customized, budget-friendly, and powered by talented human beings.

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Reliable outreach

MagFellow’s main aim is to get your website in front of the right audiences and help you build a strong SERPs..

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High-quality content that is engaging and authentic, written by native writers or the selected bloggers themselves.

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Reliable communication

Every client loves to keep up to date with the progress of their campaigns. MagFellow sends out a progress report to each client every week.

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Risk-free guarantee

If we can’t deliver on a promise, you get a full refund. No excuses; no questions asked.

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Here, at MagFellow, quality and relevancy is the priority, and we set ourselves apart by providing only the highest quality links. By securing links from high-authority publications, you can significantly increase your site's visibility and ranking on Google. With our experienced team of link builders, we can provide customized link building services that are specific to your industry and location.