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Who is MagFellow?

MagFellow has been connecting marketers and publishers since 2011, although we made it official in 2015. We have over 350 loyal agencies and brands in our stable and place over 1,500 links every month. Our link building and content marketing campaigns are customized and targeted towards your niche.

We’ve developed a sparking record for service delivery that is current and targeted. Our unrivaled client support policy means we consistently answer over 90% of support requests within only a few hours.

Meet The Team

MagFellow is filled with experienced, talented team members who bring a lot of skills to the table. From dedicated outreach managers to creative wrigters, we have the people who can plan and execute the right SEO link building and content marketing plan for your company.

waqas nasir

Waqas Nasir


Sean Williams

Sean Williams


Luke Hughes

Omar S.

Client Relations Head


Alina Zakharova

Content Manager

talha rehman

Talha Rehman

Outreach Expert

dane louis

Dane Louis

Outreach Expert

talha Malik

Talha Malik

Outreach Expert


Veronica Leo

Outreach Expert



Content Writer


Emily Hutchinson

Content Writer


Mila Marcus

Business Development Manager


Junior Candido

Business Development Manager


Tia Saunders

Business Development Manager


Ana Paul

Developer Backend

Skill, Strategy, Experience

We have years of expertize and skill behind us, so we have what it takes to build relevant links that last, serving you efficiently and with care. We help clients from a huge array of sectors and business models, from mom and pop stores to corporate giants.

Magfellow’s campaign quality and relevance delivers top search engine rank for clients all over the globe. We have the expertize to meet every content creation and link building challenge.

Loyal Partnerships

When MagFellow crafts a campaign, we’re also building a partnership. That’s why we make sure we understand your specific industry needs well enough to support a long lasting collaboration.

We have what it takes to push your business to the top of its niche rankings, developing an effective link profile unique to each client we serve. Only the best is good enough to fit our ambitions and your dreams.

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